1 Month Down

Married: 1 month down? Not exactly. Closer to 3 weeks.

How is Lucy taking it?

She’s peeved at the mountains of gift boxes, she’s peeved that I didn’t give her any chicken. Upside? I found her dynamite catnip toy. Up-Up side (which is also an ‘eww’ side) she has sufficiently drooled all over it. In reality being married to her original human has not changed the dynamic between us. She still purrs and scratches and eats and sleeps and poops and meows and chirps and barks and all the other cat habits. It’s nice to know that in the animal kingdom our awkward human rituals mean absolutely nothing to them. My relationship with Jonathan has, if anything, gotten better since we were married. Yeah it’s only been 3 weeks, but marriage really does change people. What one does not what to do is change expectations. Expectations is where it is most likely to fall apart…like expecting Jonathan to be excited for me to officially adopt Lucy as my own fur-daughter…chyea right…Wut-ever, I do what I want.

Adoption Certificate



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