2-week update

Well there’s not a whole lot to talk about. Except maybe the cat?

Ok so remember back around Christmas I bought her this mega-blinged out collar. It seemed kind of heavy and I felt bad about it (and she had scratched off a few of the rhine stones, I have no idea where they went) so a few months later I went and got her a light cotton collar. Unfortunately, the fabric must have been a poly-cotton blend because Miss. Lucy has a bald ring around her neck. It’s been too hot this past August for her undercoat to come in so it’s just there…staring at me when she comes in for a snuggle.

Poor kitty.

But lesson learned. Leather collar or nothing. Hand made stuff has the best of intentions, but my poor cat looks goofy af.

She doesn’t really seem to notice it. She hasn’t scratched or scraped or anything like that. It’s in a spot she can’t lick either, thank goodness!

Now…if she’d only hold still so I could take a picture and embarrass her on the internet…


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