Argyle Sheep 2 Cool 4 You

Well hello there Monday morning email!! What do you have in store for me today?

Today I got an email from the Black Sheep Society. (See my post here about their first launch.) It was apparently a huge flop, which they humbly admit to. Myself, I’m not entirely surprised though I probably wasn’t their target audience.

Johnny and the gang are at it again with a sweet brand new site and a sweet brand new pricing scheme…wait…

Ok for real: as far as website development and ux goes, they have things down. Johnny definitely knows what he is doing to draw a crowd. Now getting that crowd to cough up their credit card numbers and click the submit button is a whole different ballgame.

The product has changed to a monthly based subscription, similar to a yarn club. They are offering tiered monthly pricing at a much easier to swallow price point ($40…not really that enticing). Additionally the three craft-a-longs are now a monthly craft-a-long: choose knitting, crochet, or sewing, as before. The top menu, as of today, only partially works. How It Works will take you to a basic explanation page, but doesn’t allow you to actually pick a kit. To get to the kit page you need to use the Pick A Craft-A-Long drop menu at the top.

Now this page I have a lot of beef with. There is no useful information about the kit. Even the image is misleading as there is a tiny notice below the big Join the Society button that mentions the items are not even what you get and the knitting needles are not included. So what do I get if I spend $40? ¬†WHAT DO I GET? I don’t have $40 burning a hole in my pocket. If I did I would blow it at my LYS for a luxury skein of fingering weight yarn from a local dyer. And local as in this indie dyer lives within 100 mile radius of me, not local to my entire country. =/

This is the basic gist of the entire business hook taken straight from the pick kit/price page.:

“The Black Sheep Society is a monthly craft-a-long box for yarn and fabric lovers, delivering EXCLUSIVE, simple, on-trend projects from indie designers, paired with beautiful products, perfect for crafting your handmade wardrobe.”

Who is the indie designer? What products are these projects paired with? Are these products also sourced with in the United States? And are those manufacturers in the United States as well? I mean come on. Go big or go home. Charge me an extra $30 and get me some really good things. This in-between pricing makes me think that I’m getting something overpriced and of poor quality.

Johnny, dude. Why did you send out a mass email to your subscribers if your website doesn’t even have the most important information available? Why would I refer my friends here if what you’re offering is not at value with other sources? I feel like I’m not your target audience. I feel like your target audience is for millennial house wives and fashionistas.

Millennials¬†have grown up with the internet and we all know how to use it and how to find our niche in fashion, home decor, news, entertainment, and other media to our greatest advantage. In the mean time, I await reports and possibly another email explaining yourself and round 3. I don’t blame you for trying this new business model and subsequently making dramatic changes.

Honestly, I look forward to where this takes you and your team. And also, where are my New Stitch A Day emails? I miss those.

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