Jonathan insists that the Lucy has a B-spot. B as in bite. The odd things is that I’ve never encountered this B-spot and I’ve touched nearly every part of this cat, minus the sensitive parts: butt, inner mouth, inner ear, etc. The aggression comes out when the left back leg is touched around the hip joint. At one point, Jonathan told me about an accident she had while quite young, she “fell” off the stairwell banister (and by ‘fell’, he suspects an asshole ex-roommate pushed her). With youthful kitty reflexes she probably did land on her paws, but has since been sensitive to touches and petting in that area.

That accident on top of her current activity level being near zero makes me wonder if she likes it when we touch and sometimes not. She doesn’t position herself in a protective manner to block us from touching her fuzzy tail, her back paws, or even her hind-quarters. But she does escalate quickly to biting when she doesn’t like a particular petting action. She doesn’t bite me when I scoop my arm around her backside to position her tail and paws into a comfortable resting position. I don’t know. She’s a weird cat with people issues. =(

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