Cap Sleeve Pink Fluff


A few years ago Norichanknits gave me some cascade angora and a bunch of purple random brand merino. No idea why she’d want to give up something that was A) one of her favorite colors and B) soft as a new born baby’s bottom.

But anyways, it sat in my stash for a while because I didn’t really know what to do with angora. For those of you that don’t know, it’s a very fluffy bunny. VERY FLUFFY BUNNY. The purple and pink top is a result of a free pattern plus a few extra details and changes made by me.

And here’s the final product:

Angora/Merino sleeveless top


Pattern is based off of Purl Bee’s Cap Sleeve Lattice Top.

My changes:

  1. Knitted in the round. -1 stitch on accident. So it’s a little uneven by 1 stitch in the backside but totally unnoticeable. =)
  2. A smidge of waist shaping.
  3. Lattice part is obviously not lattice. It’s a 3×5 purled bias stitch.
  4. Not sure what the lacey bit is called, but I added it in for some additional interest to the piece.
  5. Shoulders include a smidge of gathering so that it doesn’t actually cap off and instead sits nicely along the curvature of my shoulder.
  6. I blocked the arm holes really tightly. If I had made it to spec, there wouldn’t have been such a huge problem. (Lace = stretchy)

Future plans:

As far as this particular pattern goes, I can see it being really nice in the summer made out of Bamboo Pop.

I’m getting rather good at these sweaters. I’ve only been actively producing knitted sweaters for about two years. The first few I don’t wear unfortunately. Le sigh. But this pink and purple thing I’ve actually worn quite a few times already. And with that I’ve come to the realization that I like more basic looking sweaters: no frilly lace or “unique” fits. The first three sweaters I made were like that and I rarely wore them after finishing. (Baley’s Irish Cream, Selene, and Levenwick). I may revisit Levenwick though in the future in a softer and thicker yarn.

I’m currently working on another sweater that is also turning out on the small side. Hopefully blocking will save it like it did for the Lattice Top. I do have weird habit of blocking my sweaters into an unwearable large size. My Westbourne ended up being too big for me though I thought I had followed the sizing correctly.

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