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Duchess of Dyepots & Free Pattern

Where technology meets the ocean and a hat I don’t want to knit twice. So I have a problem with knitting. This problem is that I don’t like making things twice…might be why I still haven’t been able to make a pair of socks and sleeves are the spawn of satan. But anyways, the Skyping… Read more »

Rose City Yarn Crawl 2017

I always feel more comfortable with myself if I make expensive-ish things for myself instead of buying them from the store: wool sweaters and accessories mostly. A lot of where I shop doesn’t exactly scream haute couture anyways and it’s a hunt to find a good quality sweater that isn’t 100% acrylic, fashionable, and doesn’t… Read more »

I should have blogged it

Hi! I just destroyed a perfectly good, gorgeous red, trench coat. Ok not really. 

Narf! Shawl

Narf! Pinky is one of my all time favorite cartoon characters. Sure he wasn’t all brains, like Brain, but his unique way of looking at the world and his creative intelligence, though a mouse cartoon, is just as important to embrace in society today as a PHD. So I have named my shawl made with… Read more »

Allergic Reactions 1-1

Ever since I was a small child I’ve wanted to wear earrings. Little bits of sparkle always caught my eye. My grandmother wore these really gorgeous gaudy large earrings…well large jewelry anyways, and my mother has a collection herself that she now never wears. Unfortunately, by the time I was old enough to make that… Read more »

Maybe it’s the coffee?

In tandem with feeling massive amounts of anxiety lately here are some of the things I’ve been working on to channel that potentially self-destructive behavior into something constructive. And yes I have to admit that the sweater I was working on for my husband will not be ready by the time we leave for Ireland…. Read more »

Baby Giraffe Hat

Tada! ¬†This is the baby giraffe hat I made using this pattern here for inspiration. This little guy is destined for a gentleman by the name of Jordan. He’s due very soon and the baby shower is this Saturday! His parents have a safari theme going for his nursery, and a particular lean towards giraffes…. Read more »

Hello March

You’re almost a third of the way through and I haven’t talked to you at all! I finally managed an FO! I spent a few hours fiddling with the super bulky pink yarn I had spun and plied earlier this year and finally made myself a beanie. Tips for next time: 2-ply bulky and don’t… Read more »