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The Royal We – Cowl/Lux Neck Project

I backwards inherited some open cardigans from my younger sister this past weekend. In addition to all the shawls I’ve knitted this year that are likely to become Christmas presents, I need a light and warm cowl that I can wear on a regular basis. For the lightness I’m going to use alpaca. And for… Read more »

PurlBee – Site Review

If you know me then you know that my fashion sense is a bit on the subdued side. I like blocks of color, subtle prints, and little accents as opposed to loud and flashy, bold prints, and multi-colored or neon. I prefer subtle elegance that appeals to the eye as a restful place rather than… Read more »

Kitty Snuggles

A few months ago the App of the Week was this image comic strip graphics generator called Halftone 2. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it and then realized that my habit of taking multiple photos of Lucy in any given space would be perfect for this app.   The app itself is a… Read more »

The Glass is at the Half-Way Mark

But who gets to say where that mark is actually placed? Who gets to set the terms of success or failure? What benchmarks have to be hit or missed? That struggle between having enough and having just enough. Does that make me greedy or does that make me needy? When I try to help myself, but… Read more »

Advanced Analysis Says Yes

I think I’m going to start tracking where I come in on the Google scale of search terms for “Cute + Knitting + Portland”. I’m on page 5! (And this is inclusive of Portland, Oregon and Portland, Maine results.) Out of the box, WordPress SEO only goes as far as clean URLs. (Google Analytics isn’t baked in… Read more »

The Retiree

I’ve finally decided to retire the old portfolio. I’ve replaced it with a nice clean few lines of html and css directing back to the blog here, and to my new portfolio under my married name. It has a nice finality to it. The end of an era. The site itself was originally a project… Read more »

Handmade? Portland?

Well duh! How can one not love a good button collection? Here’s my set of One Of A Kind Buttons; handmade in Portland by Candace! Candace will be having a month long trunk show at Pearl Fiber Arts this month starting on the 3rd. Not only will these buttons and pins be available, but also… Read more »

Project – Life Update

Oh man, where to begin. I’m currently working on a sweater. It’s been a while since I made a project that took a while…although I do have a very large circular shawl in hibernation. It is rather same-same status as far as other things go. Still haven’t purchased a gym membership. =/ (I really need… Read more »