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Project Preview

Here’s a sneak peak at some stuff I’ve been working on. =3 The Pepperberry I got for Christmas from Noriko is working out really awesomely! The shawl is a basic elongated 6 increase triangle. I’m having to get creative with my color striping though at the end. It’s so wide! I already know it’s going to… Read more »

January is already gone

In the bag. This is the last work day of the month! I guess it flew by, but this week has definitely dragged on. So lets talk about happy things, like ME and my projects! =) First off I have to mention that my hair is finally long again. Long enough to pull back into a… Read more »

2016 Goals

2016 has already started and I’m already behind…with blogging. hehe I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of hoo-haa-hmming about the past year because honestly I’ve already tucked it behind my ear and am ready for a new start. So taking a cue from my friend Noriko’s blog post about project goals for… Read more »

Kyra – sweater project kickoff

Officially starting on another sweater. Now I know for sure that I have some weird hangup in which I get really antsy if I’m not working on a sweater. The pattern I’ve chosen is called Kyra Boatneck Pullover. It’s a basic lace and cable pattern from the bottom up, drop sleeves, and minimal shaping/finishing. Unfortunately… Read more »


One down, two to go! Christmas is just around the corner and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been a long time since I was truely excited to give gifts. Mostly because this year I feel like I can afford to give some well thought and meaningful items. But anyways, onto some selfish stuff: I did… Read more »

Holiday Kick-Off

   This holiday season started off with a bang! We went to the Multnomah Whiskey Library for Jonathan’s birthday. Granted it was the day after, but it was still awesome. About 2/3 of the menu was ordered on top of our tasty drinks. Jonathan was a little disappointed because he wanted more, but the servers… Read more »

Four for Four

Yep today I managed to leave the house wearing four handknits! What I got going on: Rivoletto Mitts Paulette Shawl Llana Sweater Make This! Hat I’m not going to post a selfie…because I don’t do those things. But dang do I feel super cute today! Portland had a fall, but I think we just fell… Read more »

Cap Sleeve Pink Fluff

Angora! A few years ago Norichanknits gave me some cascade angora and a bunch of purple random brand merino. No idea why she’d want to give up something that was A) one of her favorite colors and B) soft as a new born baby’s bottom. But anyways, it sat in my stash for a while… Read more »