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Ta-da! This has been a long time coming. Most of my yarn collection started as RedHeart…thank goodness I grew out of that quick. I no longer knit with acrylic yarn unless there is an absolute need to. My collection is most mid-range priced items. (The more expensive stuff I tend to have a project ready… Read more »

Knitting Buddy

As I’ve mentioned before, Lucy likes to put her person on all my things, especially when I’m knitting, aka not giving her pettings and snuggles. Last night as I was working away at the 2015 Rose City Yarn Crawl Mystery Knit-a-long, she managed to yet again snoop her little nose through the knitting cables to… Read more »

Happy New Year!

So this year my friend Noriko and I are doing a massive mega-KAL hosted on Ravelry. The theme for 2015 is shawls. I wound my yarn last night in anticipation of casting on stitches on Thursday. Kind of glad my Luce-Purr doesn’t really give a hoot about yarn. She just gave it a sniff…and then… Read more »

I sit here. Yes.

Knitting is one of my crafting hobbies. Knitting while watching tv lounging on the couch with Jonathan and the cat perchedĀ on the back of the couch. This weekend Lucy decided that she wanted to sit on me. This is fairly normal, but I happened to be using longer circular needles as I am making a… Read more »

Cat + Yarn = Yawn

So my Lucy-Goose does not specifically attack my yarn stash. What she does attack: whatever she sees out of the corner of her eye. I have many balls of yarn, a few cones of yarn, and various partially completed knitted items all over the couch, behind the couch, and on my desk. Lucy, being the… Read more »