Date Completed: April 23rd, 2015 RAV

Project: Adama

Yarn: Tosh Vintage in Composition Book Gray

Difficulty: Easy



This may be the easiest cowl I’ve ever knit! Also possibly in the running for the fastest. It took maybe a weeks time, about 20 hours. I would definitely recommend this for someone who is starting out with lace knitting, knitting in the round, reading charts, or learning tab cast-on for shawls.

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This has been a long time coming. Most of my yarn collection started as RedHeart…thank goodness I grew out of that quick. I no longer knit with acrylic yarn unless there is an absolute need to. My collection is most mid-range priced items. (The more expensive stuff I tend to have a project ready to start). I have wool, merino, merino blends, Alpaca, some random handspun blends that I have no idea of the contents, cotton, and a little bit of left over RedHeart from a past life.

I also have wide range of colors, if that wasn’t obvious enough. I do avoid purchasing yellow and odd tones of rust. Neither look very good on me. I do wish I had more grays and whites. White though I also tend to avoid because projects just end up looking dirty by the time I’m done.

The stash itself is unorganized, which I’m fine with at the moment. I’m also fine with not buying yarn again until next year – hehehe. I’ve pretty much got the rest of the year planned out as well.

Current UFOs:

  • Shawl
  • Circular shawl
  • A summer top of my own design
  • A cowl of my own design
  • Jonathan’s sweater


I have enough yarn for:

  • Light sweater
  • two or three shawls
  • many pairs of finger-less mittens
  • many many hats
  • too much dk weight purple highland wool

My Ravelry queue is back up to 14 pages…

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As I’ve mentioned before, Lucy likes to put her person on all my things, especially when I’m knitting, aka not giving her pettings and snuggles. Last night as I was working away at the 2015 Rose City Yarn Crawl Mystery Knit-a-long, she managed to yet again snoop her little nose through the knitting cables to put her whiskers into my face….sigh…too damn cute.

We’ve also been notified that the boilers that control the heating in the building have been put in a reduced schedule because of the weather being so warm recently. (All the blizzarding happening in Europe and the East Coast). Lucy is not pleased that the heat is not on during the middle of the day.

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So this year my friend Noriko and I are doing a massive mega-KAL hosted on Ravelry. The theme for 2015 is shawls. I wound my yarn last night in anticipation of casting on stitches on Thursday. Kind of glad my Luce-Purr doesn’t really give a hoot about yarn. She just gave it a sniff…and then gave me a look.



I guess since I was right there watching, the temptation to shove the ball of yarn off her box was tempered.  But really, she’s good about not messing with my craft supplies. Now if only I could get her to stop attacking the small piece of Velcro attached to my Chromebook power cord…



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Knitting is one of my crafting hobbies. Knitting while watching tv lounging on the couch with Jonathan and the cat perched on the back of the couch.

This weekend Lucy decided that she wanted to sit on me. This is fairly normal, but I happened to be using longer circular needles as I am making a long scarf/cowl…and instead of on top of the knitting, as she usually parades across me to mash my parts into a comfortable nest, she went into the knitting: through the loop, between my arms, paws and head forward, as if she was working her way through a blanket to the optimal snuggling position on my lap with whiskers directly in my face.  Jonathan tried to get a picture of it, but only managed a flashed shot of my arm. Silly little Lucy cat.

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So my Lucy-Goose does not specifically attack my yarn stash. What she does attack: whatever she sees out of the corner of her eye.

I have many balls of yarn, a few cones of yarn, and various partially completed knitted items all over the couch, behind the couch, and on my desk. Lucy, being the weirdo that she is, has never stalked and attacked any of these things. If anything she takes every opportunity available to lay on top of my arms when engaged in the act of knitting. Of course with the intention of getting attention. On the occasion that I am winding yarn, she will monitor the progress of the swift. Usually there is a tiny bit of yarn at the end that hangs down. The jagged movement of this piece of yarn is usually what catches her eye. The only other time she goes after the yarn is if I mindlessly throw within her field of vision.

Ears perk up. Eyes dilate. Claws come out. Must. Get. Thingy. Must. GET. THINGY!!!!!!!!!


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