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Poop mountain, happy cat

Yes, I know that title is a little silly. Lucy has never had problems going in her box, never had problems with other animals in the house and using her box, never had problems. We, we have had problems. We are also not very good at transitioning her from food brand to food brand. It’s… Read more »

Within reach of her teeth, so…love nibbled

While sitting at the table with a Lucy in the lap one cannot simply reach over to the right, for a pen and then reach over to the left to write down a note….without getting your elbow nibbled. Thanks, kiddo. -_- I swear this cat…

Not Much, But Enough, And PTSD

I am in no way equating to my current temporary battle with ptsd with that of people who have had real and horrific trauma in their┬álife. This is more of a ‘oh shit, wait, no, stop’, light-weight, in my control kind of ptsd…and it has to do with the actions of Lucy. If you’ve been… Read more »

Teapot Kitty Song

(to the tune of “I’m A Little Teapot”) I’m a little kitty. Hear me meow. This is my tail and this is my mouth. When I get all riled up you will shout: Owww, damnit jerk-cat you bit me again!!!!

Purr Ranking

How to gently snuggle Lucy in various ways for various purr sound-effects. 1.┬áThe Basic Snuggle The basic snuggle requires little to zero interaction. This is when Lucy is either nestled close by or partially on top of the lap. Her purrs at this point can either sound like a concerted effort or a small snorting… Read more »

Little bit of Lace, Little bit of Bulky

Have you ever worked with lace weight yarn and found it to bring out the hater in you? Have you ever worked with lace weight 100% mulberry silk yarn and found it to break your knitting spirit? I think for this entire year I have a grand total of 5 FO’s compared to last years… Read more »