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Cats in the news, reports, etc.

Perkemern! Pokemon Go! GOGOGO!

Hah yes I am playing Pokemon Go. And yes, I am getting out there and walking around, and feeling great! The game has been launched for a little over a week now and it seems the Portland area has really taken to it. I see people in parks, on sidewalks, in cars (even Lyfts), playing… Read more »

It’s the little things

When moments of a relationship can be expressed in a two panel comic

Relationship Goals

Sometimes, I just wanna chill with Lucy. Snuggle down with her in a sunny patch on the dining room floor. Let her purr and drool all over me. The Baby and the Swing

Argyle Sheep 2 Cool 4 You

Well hello there Monday morning email!! What do you have in store for me today? Today I got an email from the Black Sheep Society. (See my post here about their first launch.) It was apparently a huge flop, which they humbly admit to. Myself, I’m not entirely surprised though I probably wasn’t their target… Read more »

All the (anime) feels

We just binge-watched the last 5 episodes of The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix last night. Hawk-chan…. HAWK-CHAN!!!!!!!!!! (and Helbram, and King, and Guilthunder, and Jericho, and Melodias, but mostly HAWK-CHAAAANNNN!!!!!) Hawk…chan…..I cried.

Tall, Dark, and Productive

My productivity scale for the last month has relatively strong. I’m almost max level with a character in Guild Wars 2. I finished knitting a hat. I’m almost done with a kids sweater. Jonathan’s scarf got another inch or two done, and my Paloma is sitting on the sidelines. The easiest way for me to… Read more »