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Yup, that’s pretty much how the long weekend went.

Paper: First Wedding Anniversary! Can be believe it? A whole year has gone by already, and so fast!

Amethyst: I got Jonathan a US First Edition print of The Smith of Wootton Major and he of course broke the rules and bought me jewelry. But really, can a girl complain?

Nope! Sparklesparklesparklesparklesparkle…

Sparklesparklesparklesparkle So…much…sparkles…XD

After our little gift exchange and a hearty break fast at the Tannery…(wafflesssss!!)… we headed downtown to do a bit of window shopping and to take a peek at Pearl Fiber Arts‘ Labor Day Stash Sale. This is a community event where yarn and fiber lovers can destash quick by selling unused/unwanted craft supplies, mostly yarn, and pattern books and magazines, for store credit! The left overs get donated to local charities. I scored a few really nice things without having to break the bank.

 From left to right:

  1. Vintage Bakelite Yarn Holder.
  2. Dream in Color Smooshy in Bubble Haze colorway, which according to the sticker label was dyed exclusively for Yarns on Stage.
  3. Bonnie’s Bambo in the Desert Bloom colorway.
  4. Chamelion Colorworks Twinkle Toes in the Nellie’s Mirage colorway, which was a For Yarn’s Sake exclusive.
  5. A little Strawberry Shortcake tote.

And last, but not least! WEIRD AL YANKOVIC!!!!

Awww yis…the last Zoo Concert of the season and what a show!


See Weird Al perform live:

Like a Surgeon? Check.
Dare to be Stupid? Check.
Amish Paradise? Check.
Gump? Check.
White and Nerdy? Check.
Word Crimes? Check.

Good luck trying to top this next year!! =D


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But who gets to say where that mark is actually placed? Who gets to set the terms of success or failure? What benchmarks have to be hit or missed?

That struggle between having enough and having just enough. Does that make me greedy or does that make me needy?

When I try to help myself, but it’s not getting me anywhere? When I try to help others, but it’s not getting me anywhere? When I try to let things alone, and that definitely gets me nowhere…

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I’m done with letting the glass’ half-way mark be set by someone else’s standards. But it’s hard to break away from; the constant comparison, the hunger, the desire for better, even just what we assume to be basics.

I’ve been living for a while in Calvin’s Mother’s Camp: We have it good enough. Good enough just isn’t good enough anymore. The base level for good enough has been dropping faster than a DJ Tiesto Sunrise Album (any of them, ‘cuz they’re all the same name).

It’s time to switch to Calvin’s Camp: We have it good enough for yesterday, time to upgrade life standards. Letting things float along as they are now will only result in future dissatisfaction with myself, and I can see it coming already.

Shame is a terrible motivator. No one should ever be motivated by shame. I can’t say explicitly that I’m motivated by it, but I see it creeping along far far far behind me every once in a while. It comes out especially when I have to explain myself to other people. I find it very difficult to speak positively about myself in a face to face conversation. I start talking about anything or anyone else.

Right now, as a goal for myself: I will get a job that leaves me no desire to relax via video games. And in the meantime: Neverwinter and Guild Wars 2. Heh.

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This was me in March of this year, minus the pneumonia, except actually almost pneumonia.

I had the flu. =/

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I haven’t actually been depressed in a long time. There are current events in the news that are depressing. Days at the office that make me sad. Yet overall, since being with Jonathan I’ve had pretty much every emotion in the dictionary, except depression.

But at the same time…I’m struggling to pay my bills and my husband feels obligated to overwork himself for my sake, and the company I’ve been with for the past two years has yet to offer me full-time employment…  These are all fixable things. This is not a permanent situation nor a permanent solution to other self-esteem issues that I will save for a later post. This is my reality that I’m working to improve.

This is my last year of my 20’s. I got married. I went camping for the first time. I got my fist visa stamp in my passport. I got my name changed. I got a road bike.  I cracked my shell and applied to some larger corporations around town, I have knitted project on display in a yarn store, I connected with friends I hadn’t seen in years, saw Eddie Izzard live thanks to one of said friends…Lucy loves me as her adopted mother, my sister got into university, my brother got steady girlfriend, and none of my relatives have died.

I have things worthy of complaining about, but I also have a lot to be thankful and appreciative for.


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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Experimentation to see if this actually works. There are a lot of services out there that track analytics, content keywords, user profiles, visitor sessions, etc. Bloglovin is apparently another one of those, but as a services provides aggregated blog content from groups of people who submit their own blogs instead of their own scripts to crawl the internet for up to date content…? We’ll see.

I’ve never used a RSS feed reader on a regular basis and I’ve never read more than local and national news posts. And Reddit. So who knows? Maybe this will help track down the large chunk of people visiting my site from unknown locations…according to Google Analytics…

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Need I say more? XD

I’m bringing this to a game day this coming weekend. With the standard and the NSFW packs it becomes a 2-9 person game. I’m pretty excited to play! I haven’t touched the card packs yet. Going to wait until my husband comes home to play a few rounds. This is just too hillarious!

The Exploding Kittens has broken both the Most Funded KickStarter and Most Backed Game on KickStarter records! So glad I participated! This is the second KickStarter I’ve ever contributed to, and it delivered only three days late >.<

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For the curious, here’s a blog that features factual points of interest in image form about Portland, Oregon.

Images date back as far as to the mid-1800’s! Especially for those who are moving to this awesome city, a little bit of a history lesson might help with understanding those of us who have been here a while: our love for old historic buildings, ancient cemeteries in the middle of what would be prime real estate, empty gravel lots that haven’t been touched in decades that are too at prime locations,  the unique pronunciations of street names, etc.

This is the city I live in.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow – A Portland Journey from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo.

Produced 2015 by Uncage the Soul Productions
Powered by The Oregonian and OregonLive
In association with TEDx Portland and 503
Aerials Provided by Aerial Technology International

Original Music Composition by Peter Bosack
Visual Effects Artist Chloie Medeiros

In “Yesterday’s Tomorrow,” we brought our cameras to the same position and angles of our favorite Portland historic images. We wondered, what’s changed? What’s remained the same? This ‘new’ Portland that is captivating national attention- how new is it really?

We’ve seen books and blogs using the “Then and Now” treatment to show side by side the historic and present via photos. But in our curiosity and research, we could not find many or any examples of this comparison being done with motion video. Thinking about it more, we got excited to use timelapse and slow motion to bend and warp present time while exploring past time. The idea was sparked. The project started. Research into what old photos existed began.

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