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Paper, Amethyst, Yarn, & Mandatory

Yup, that’s pretty much how the long weekend went. Paper: First Wedding Anniversary! Can be believe it? A whole year has gone by already, and so fast! Amethyst: I got Jonathan a US First Edition print of The Smith of Wootton Major and he of course broke the rules and bought me jewelry. But really, can… Read more »

The Glass is at the Half-Way Mark

But who gets to say where that mark is actually placed? Who gets to set the terms of success or failure? What benchmarks have to be hit or missed? That struggle between having enough and having just enough. Does that make me greedy or does that make me needy? When I try to help myself, but… Read more »

Month of March

This was me in March of this year, minus the pneumonia, except actually almost pneumonia. I had the flu. =/ View post on I haven’t actually been depressed in a long time. There are current events in the news that are depressing. Days at the office that make me sad. Yet overall, since being with… Read more »

Glorified RSS Feed

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Experimentation to see if this actually works. There are a lot of services out there that track analytics, content keywords, user profiles, visitor sessions, etc. Bloglovin is apparently another one of those, but as a services provides aggregated blog content from groups of people who submit their own blogs instead… Read more »

Erhkshplodeeng Keeteeens!!

Need I say more? XD I’m bringing this to a game day this coming weekend. With the standard and the NSFW packs it becomes a 2-9 person game. I’m pretty excited to play! I haven’t touched the card packs yet. Going to wait until my husband comes home to play a few rounds. This is… Read more »

The Real P.D.X.

For the curious, here’s a blog that features factual points of interest in image form about Portland, Oregon. Images date back as far as to the mid-1800’s! Especially for those who are moving to this awesome city, a little bit of a history lesson might help with understanding those of us who have been here… Read more »