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Dentists and Success

It’s JUNE! YAY! So many weekends this month, so much time for activities, such good weather in the forecast! Memorial day weekend was pretty fun. Check out my instagram for a photo gallery of activities. Things to note: Mia hissed at me once, BUT also let me boop her nose. Husband is hella jealous, muahahahaha…. Read more »

MayDay and the Oliver

LOL so there were some people freaking out over a few trash can fires and a broken window downtown calling it a “riot”….LOL Ok and past that, nothing has happened. At least, I haven’t heard of anything happening. Which in of itself probably means May Day is getting less attention because of other bullshittery. Such… Read more »

Christmas Plans

Ok I really shouldn’t write up what I’m making for gifts…but I waited too long so most everyone is getting hats! So what’s been going on lately? I’m a sucker for turn based strategy games. This past weekend was the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. I didn’t take any pictures though. =( Boo, I totally should… Read more »

Not Feeling It.

I’m not feeling it. I’ve always believed local government was more productive, more willing to listen, more able to act at a moment’s notice. The past year has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs and dos and don’ts. All of this culminating in what I’d like to be proud of my city for, but… Read more »

Here’s to Two!

Two weeks into our third year of marriage and I have to say I’ve gotten two things that I severely needed, more than jewelry, more than yarn (yep): Emotional support Family time At the beginning of the month we had a surprise visit from my cousin Janet and her husband Kannan. We had just seen… Read more »

Kind of Lost; Devsigner 2016

I had this post title written and sitting in draft mode for almost two weeks. For two weeks I spent my days forgetting about it, agonizing over whether or not a little bit of self-pity was needed, and then promptly forgetting about it again. Over the past weekend I have spent approximately 18 hours outside… Read more »

Perkemern! Pokemon Go! GOGOGO!

Hah yes I am playing Pokemon Go. And yes, I am getting out there and walking around, and feeling great! The game has been launched for a little over a week now and it seems the Portland area has really taken to it. I see people in parks, on sidewalks, in cars (even Lyfts), playing… Read more »