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Galway! I can say I put my feet in Galway Bay. Felt like home! Icy cold and refreshing.


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Ok day three we got up early and hit a local breakfast spot. The Breakfast Club, literally, lol. The food was great though so no worries. Hehe

Afterwards we wandered around a bit and then went up to St Paul’s Cathedral. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, but it was incredible! We went up the done as well…will never do that again. This was the only instance I’ve ever had a physical reaction to heights. -_- oh well. It was still beautiful!!

And then off to…IRELAAAAAAAND

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Ah, exploration…

Here’s the official-ish itinerary for our two and a half week European Adventure:

  • We’re leaving mid-day May 25th. Arrival to Heathrow by way of Iceland on the morning of the 26th
  • Take the tube to our central London Airbnb that afternoon, lunch, take in the sights or just crash depending on how the flight goes.
  • May 27th we have all day to explore central London. I am most adamant about seeing Selfridges, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Eye of London, and at least 2 yarn shops maybe?
  • May 28th we head over to Shannon, Ireland and grabbing the rental car.
  • We’ll be overnighting in Kinvara, Ireland for a few days from the 28th to the 30th.
  • The 29th we will be partaking in the medieval banquet and hopefully hit up the flower festival in town.
  • At that point I think we will traverse up and down the west coast of Ireland.
  • May 30th through June 9th…stuff is pretty up in the air. We’ll explore around. Maybe hit the Aran Islands. Maybe try to follow the Star Wars crew as they film. (I really hope we don’t waste time doing this, unfortunately)…(Yeah yea I can hear you heckling, ya haters)…
  • Somehow get back to Iceland by the 10th and fly back home the 11th.

So jetlag…har har I’ve never really experienced it. I did do a short weekend trip to New York city years ago for a friends wedding. That ended up being cool just going by myself and figuring out stuff. Since it’s the city that never sleeps I didn’t have problems finding a local place that was open to get snacks at 11pm. Although now I’m recalling a pair of green shorts I wore on that trip. I miss those shorts…I miss being that skinny…haha

New York: 3 hours ahead. Europe: 8 hours ahead.

Leave here at 11am on the 25th. + 16 hour flight  comes to 2700 hours which isn’t an actually time…that’s what…midnight plus 3 hours? So 3am? And time difference +8 hours so we get to Iceland around 11am? And then flight down to Heathrow should take a little over an hour to do plus an hours time to take the tube into the city…so we may get there in time to just get food and then pass out at the Airbnb…I’m just guessing here I have no freakin’ idea. I’m pretty good at sleeping on airplanes so I don’t anticipate any major issues. I need to get my hands on a neck pillow. >.<

That brings me to another point: shopping. I’ve purchased some things recently for the trip and have stopped myself from purchasing other things in anticipation of shopping in London and Dublin. XD

On my list:

  • Jacket: something light colored and cotton that I can wear over my clothes without feeling bulky.
  • Shoes: something universal that I can wear without socks and just go everywhere (I need to get a pedicure before we leave)
  • Scarf: not that I don’t have many good shawls to wear that I made myself, but something light and feminine would be a nice reminder of our adventure.
  • Hoodie: yeah I’m all out, yo. I don’t own a single wearable hoodie sweater, zipper or pullover. Sad.
  • Panda T-Shirt: this is specifically by request from a friend who collects randomly found panda paraphernalia from around the world via his friends.
  • Presents: I won’t list them all here, but I want to get something nice for my parents and for my cousin James and his wife because we’ll be missing their wedding while we’re on vacation.


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