Not sure how much energy I will have for knitting, gaming, reading, or watching tv. But I do have a master plan set up for the rest of the year for my knitting projects.

  1. 1. Finish 3 sweaters


– Sleeves

Peace and Love

– Sleeves


– Sleeves

– Pockets

– Hem

2. Start new projects

Mindcraft, Pleasant Trip, Winterberry Hood, and Nightingale Cardigan

Fairly ambitious for the 2-3 weeks of barely leaving my bed.


I’ve done loads of laundry, vacuumed, organized my yarn some-ish, tried to put away my clothes, etc.

The bathroom and kitchen need 1 more go around. Pretty sure I can get it all done by Sunday night. I need to go out and buy some Dial antibacterial soap and maybe more toilet paper, just in case.

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So many weekends this month, so much time for activities, such good weather in the forecast!

Memorial day weekend was pretty fun. Check out my instagram for a photo gallery of activities.

Things to note: Mia hissed at me once, BUT also let me boop her nose. Husband is hella jealous, muahahahaha. Also, went on a 10 mile bike ride for the first time in a LONG time. By long time I mean probably close to a decade. That was Monday…today is Friday…my legs are back to normal, but my butt bones…I need a new bike seat.

The bike seat I have came with the bike when we bought it. It looks like it is original to the bike, which is at least 25-30 years old. Le-sigh… Oh little blue bike… how cute you are, but you are HEAVY.

So what’s with my post title? I went to the dentist! (This week has been basically a bunch of new old stuff). My last cleaning was 5 years ago when I was 26 (Thanks Obama). And apparently my teeth are awesome! And my dentist hates my permanent retainer, more than I hate my permanent retainer. But, with the way things were…super gross sorry, they cleaned me up and I’m happy to report I have zero cavities, teeth are looking great, but I do have gingivitis. Boo…but what do you egg-spect!?!! LOL

All in all, good report card for being a lazy ass.

I do have to say thought that Willamette Dental is super awesome and I wouldn’t feel guilty, embarassed, or obligated to return to them.

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