Caterpillar Weekend

Since it has been so hot lately, Lucy has been a little furry caterpillar on the floor. Her ‘leaf’ on which she resides in caterpillar form is the dark corner by the front door. Light is blocked off from this area via blackout curtains and a three panel folding screen. We assume she likes this spot on the floor because:

a. It’s colder on the floor.

b. It’s near her water and food bowls.

c. She can watch Jonathan at his computer and me on the couch without needing to move.

d. It’s colder on the floor.

Being the pack-rat that I am, there happened to be some coupon flyers on the floor. Red Plum or some such thing. Over the weekend Lucy has been playing with the paper, laying on it, rubbing on it, and otherwise spreading it around until yesterday afternoon she made a small bed of it. Not a fur-patch was touching the hardwood floors. All fur-patches and paws were stretched out across the paper. And once I noticed she stretched out in with deceptive cuteness, caught her front paws on the love seat, and slowly kneaded her way off the paper onto the floor rug. It was sort of like watching, in slow motion, Lucy walking sideways.