Cocktails & Bliss

One of my favorite knitwear designers is Thea Coleman, aka babycocktails! As noted previously in my project post on Paloma, I’ve been wanted to knit sweaters all year and finally decided on a bulky weight fast knit. Funny enough, most of Thea’s designs are not in a bulky weight yarn, but rather the standard fingering/dk weights.

babycocktails A lot of her patterns, if not all, have a very feminine and unique detail in stitch work or yarn type that I really like without being overtly colorful or dramatic: subtle but not boring, cute, cozy, snugg, and stylish. And she is PROLIFIC. Her patterns page is split up into object categories with a well photographed image of the finished piece. Also if you notice, her patterns are all named after drinks! Her ravelry username is babycocktails after all.

These are the patterns I hope to make in the next year or two!

This weekend my husband and I went on a quick trip down to Canby, Oregon to the Oregon Flock and Fiber festival. I hadn’t planned on going so I wasn’t quite in the mindset to take photos of the animals: sheep, goat, rabbits, and alpaca were present in all their glorious fluffiness. (The angora were particularly in fluff mode, so cute!). Overall the festival seemed less clumped together like the last time I went a few years back. The exhibition hall was far more organized, but the knitted garments display with ribbons was not as impressive…although the items themselves were quite nice.


I picked up just a single skein, for souvenir purposes of course, and two buttons made with vintage Czech glass molds. I just couldn’t resist the sparkles! The bigger purple one is going to be used on Paloma. Tulips and purple AND Czech glass holographic style? Heck yea!

Pretty excited to make something with the yarn. It is Bijou Bliss Lhasa Wilderness in Black Cherry set to be available on their website on the 1st of October, score! The husband and wife partnership hail from Denver, Co. and made the trip up for the festival!

I was given a sample of the Allure wool wash that they make as well. The skein smells amazing (I have to keep it far and away from Lucy and her sniffy nose) and I’m hoping the Allure wool wash is the same scent.

It is also super super soft like a really fine merino blend, but it’s 75% Yak down and 25% bamboo! I have a feeling that this is going to become a nice hat or a small cowl for the coming winter. Just need to decide on a pattern >.<


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