D & D & Me

So yes, last night we had our 4th successful DnD session. Yup, I’m playing now.

This is my first campaign and really the first time I’ve actively participated in a type of game like this. Video games don’t count. DnD is very VERY different. And hilariously, I find that those who think people who play this game have problems and are society rejects are terribly pathetic now imho and need to gtfo of my life. Seriously. If you…

Ok stop, literally as I was writing this out there was a car accident outside my building. -_-

Looks like a hit + run, but I didn’t see it happen. But I did see the guy who stayed on the scene go pick up bits of a car that were obviously not his…and it included a license plate. Someone’s…in mega trouble… -_-

Anyways, back to DnD being one of the best things on this planet.

Now, my life isn’t 100% DnD related, but so far in the short time I’ve been playing I enjoy it. I have previously sat in on other sessions as a spectator and enjoyed listening to the party adventure and overall discussion. And for anyone who wants to know, this is not an easy game to play.

Really, it’s not easy; there’s numbers, spells, dice rolls, math, personality traits that arn’t your own, weapon skills, tools, environment, etc. The hardest part for me specifically is verbal creativity. Yeah, I’ll admit that I do not have the most active imagination, but imagination and creativity I consider to be two completely different things. As an example, last night I almost had a Pied Piper of Hamlin moment in the sewers with a swarm of rats. Yeah, it wasn’t effective, but I thought it was fucking hilarious and the team knew where I was going with it and graciously let me test it out. (My creativity is non-verbal…and my imagination is pretty good).

Who you play with makes all the difference, as much as who the GM is and what campaign you’re playing. Enjoy the story.

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