Day Dreaming at Work

While I’m sure it’s a common occurance, I have had rare opportunities to have fully blown crafting day dreams. All yarn and knitting related of course. I’ve had dreams about opening up an etsy shop of my handspun yarn, one of the most recent, and dreams about going home and eating a juicy medium-rare steak with some blue cheese, arugula, and a smattering of capers, more common.

While my desires for mouth watering red meat tends to be unrequited, there are times when I’ve popped over to the grocers on the way home and purchased a New York steak, or three. I feel like today will be one of those days…but maybe not…but maybe…

After grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, my husband and I stopped in at Cheese Bar. Glorious glorious Cheese Bar. I have snacking plans the moment I get home.

But fish! I have a pound of fresh dover sole and fresh basil, lemon juice, and asparagus awaiting me when I arrive home.

Perhaps I shall toss in a few breadcrumbs and do a egg wash?

Can you tell that I’m hungry?

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