Duchess of Dyepots & Free Pattern

Where technology meets the ocean and a hat I don’t want to knit twice.

So I have a problem with knitting. This problem is that I don’t like making things twice…might be why I still haven’t been able to make a pair of socks and sleeves are the spawn of satan. But anyways, the Skyping Beanie was one of my husbands favorite hats, until it got stolen. (Some jerk somewhere out there has a nice merino cashmere hat). I took this as an opportunity to tweak the pattern per his preferences: large fold over brim and tweed yarn.

In comes the tweed. I hadn’t planned on knitting a new hat for Jonathan for a while. Most of the tweed yarn I’ve come across is rustic, has little bounce, or were not the colors that he likes. A few weeks ago, Duffy of Duchess of Dyepots, had her first pop-up event at my LYS: Pearl Fiber Arts.

Initially I was intrigued by her self-striping yarn (not to make socks, mind you lol). But then Cindy, the shop owner, posted a picture on facebook of the tweed yarns that would also be available.

The changes I made to the Skyping Beanie hat are simple and easy for anyone to do.

  1. 1. Increase the brim height to 5″ switching to the larger size needles at the 3″ mark.
  2. 2. Crown decreases are a double decrease around a single stitch.
  3. Full instructions on my modifications can be found here: Landlocked Captain’s Hat.

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