Four for Four

Yep today I managed to leave the house wearing four handknits!

What I got going on:

I’m not going to post a selfie…because I don’t do those things. But dang do I feel super cute today!

Portland had a fall, but I think we just fell into our normal wet season routine. We’ve had two major rain storms in the past month counting the crazy that happened on Halloween. Here are some shots from around my neighborhood from Tuesday night.

NE 60th & Glisan

NE 60th & Glisan

Ned Flanders & 60th

Ned Flanders & 60th

Thankfully no one pulled a jerk move and splashed me, but some people were flying down the street further up before realizing the deep pools closer to Glisan.

The train ride home was a little precarious at the Convention Center stop. It is at an upward angle and there was a decent sized stream of water flowing down the tracks. >.<


The rain doesn’t seem to bother Lucy at all.



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