Friday the 13th

Nah nothing creepy to report here!

The only coincidental happening would be that Jonathan decided to go into work late which resulted in him randomly running into a friend of ours who happens to be our mailman, and who is married to my hair stylist. #smallworld

Speaking of the world: we’re down to 12 days until vacation! I’m so excited for this. My first transatlantic flight! My first trip to Europe! XD

I’m still waffling on what projects I want to bring with me, but I’m sure I’ll get it all figured out the night before…possibly…

I’m about half way done with the Rimski Korsakoffee Cake Shawl. It’s been a little slow going since I’m adding beads. And I did run out of green/seafoam colored ones so I’m adding some gold colored ones. It’ll be fine. lol

I will report all my modifications in another post once the shawl is done. It’s been years since I’ve worked on a real crochet pattern and I’m pleasantly surprisedĀ at the complexity and thought that went into this pattern. Back when I first started yarn crafting I was a crochet buff, but I never made anything more complex than simple projects like scarves, blankets, and pot holders. The patterns in the early 2000’s were not that fashion forward, easy to read, and were difficult to find. Now with Ravelry, the community has obviously grown, but it still seems like the crochet offering is rather low. Where you’d find hundreds of sweater patterns to knit, you’ll maybe find 20-30 when filtering by crochet instead of knitting. It’s kind of a disappointment and I’m by no means advanced enough to produce a sweater pattern myself. So overall I’d say maybe this is where I should stretch my creativity.


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