How I Waffle

So I’ve been debating on a dress for my thirtieth birthday. There I said it.

Turning 30 in about a month from now. And, I’m having difficulty deciding what this post should be focused on. (I’ve restarted it for a third time now.)

Lets take it by decades:

10. I turned 10 in 1996. I had a new baby sister. I had a life changing revelation that my career expectancy should be that of a housewife and that’s all I was ever going to be good at. Sex is bad because the tv said so.

20. I turned 20 in 2006. I had a boyfriend. I had a part-time job. College? Who said you were good enough for college?

30. I will turn 30. I have a husband (not my 20’s boyfriend, thank you very much). I have a full-time job. I have touched a live baby Leatherback sea turtle. (teeeeny!!! squeee!!!). I’ve played “adult hookie” by taking a detour from class and work to hit the Newport Bay Aquarium. (yep, adulting with husband-at-the-time-boyfriend). I have my bachelors degree. I have a cat that I torment with my love. I am a professional level knitter. I finally found someone that said unprovoked: “You’re one of my best friends”. (ok semi-provoked).

Being 20 was shi…interesting. Leading up to 30 has been freakin’ fantastic and there were some really close calls in there…*sigh*…

Getting to 40…what’s going to happen in the next 10 years…


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