I should have blogged it


I just destroyed a perfectly good, gorgeous red, trench coat.

Ok not really. 

I bought a trench coat on Modcloth that was on sale. I figured I’d get a medium since Modcloth branded products tend to run small. WRONG. Product is a) not Modcloth brand and b) does not run small. So what do I do? I can’t return it!


Since it’s a new coat and I haven’t had the time to become emotionally attached to it I decided to do my own alterations. And unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of the process. Entirely a poor decision on my part. The good news is that I feel like I know enough about my sewing machine and my own skill limitations to perform quick surgery on the piece without breaking a needle or hurting myself. Success!

The problem areas:

A) Shoulders too wide

B) Upper body too wide

C) Sleeves too wide

The well fitting parts:

A) Waistband

B) Sleeve length

C) Lapel

D) Overall length

Because of the construction of the coat there is no seam down the side, it was a panel. I decided to go the route of sewing in the sides and the sleeves before making any cuts in the fabric. And behold. IT FITS.

I did not sew each side as a continuous seam so that I could adjust the arm pit area. The sleeves were really very too wide, even for a medium I’d say. I did end up cutting away the extra material leaving a 1/4″ that I need to go back and do a zig zag stitch over before I wear it to Seattle this weekend.

The body I took in at an angle from the waist to the armpit. I did not cut away the material here because I’m still debating if I want to make a curved stitch from an inch or so below where my alteration ends to the sleeve for a looser fit. It’s a little snug right now.

And that leaves the shoulders. Again, the construction of the coat is a little weird and there is a center seam along the back, but there’s also a flap with a button going across the back. So instead I’ve opted to just leave it as is. It doesn’t look super huge and since I’ve brought in the sides it seems to fit a little bit better everywhere else and doesn’t look so rectangular on me anymore. =)

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