Lucy Loves Me

Lucy cat loves to snuggle. And when she snuggles she purrs…and this ultimately leads to drooling. Drooling by itself is generally a dab or two of moisture on my person. Today, Lucy has scored herself a new place in which her drool has graced my presence. My face.

The nimble little butterfly jumped onto my lap as I was reading the internet as usual. And while this behavior is normal, what is not normal is for her to purr and make biscuits to indicate a lack of kibble in her bowl. The normal m/o for this is to sit on my lap and then mouth my arm or my hand, whichever is closest. Today she merely sat in the floor looking pathetic, and when she got tired of that she came up and started being sweet on me. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s because I’ve been home all afternoon…but the little beast was pinning me with her claws so I did what all fur parents do and picked her up under her from arms and lifted her up. Kitty face directed downwards towards my own.

That’s when it happened.

Lucy drooled on my face. And I am glad I had my mouth closed. O.O

Kibble replenished; no more love from Lucy.

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