Master Plan: Spinning Project 1

The past few weeks have been a bit hectic at work, so I apologize for not updating you on my master plan spinning project. This is probably my most ambitious attempt so far at spinning a large quantity since Noriko and Cory’s visit in which I finally nailed down my drafting technique. Spinning like a boss now. But aside from that what has evolved is an appreciation for the three ply. If you know me, then you also know that I can jump the gun sometimes and just go-go-go on a project. This has definitely been a test of patience and a labor of love.

First Ply: Buckle My Shoe. A semi-solid blue-turquoise colored 100% merino dyed by Knitted Wit. I should have listened to Cindy and Noriko about starting off with a basic fiber. (I still love my first wonky mini-skein~!!!). I started off drafting this fiber the opposite way as my previous spinning projects and boy did it make a difference. Being a left-handed person, I was originally trying to draft with my left hand, which mean that my right hand was doing it’s own thing, aka holding the fiber too tightly causing the cat knappiness at the end of the fiber. But anyways, I switched drafting hands and I totally got this now.

Second Ply: 100% Natural Merino. It’s white, so I feel like it was probably bleached or something regardless of what the tag says. Aside from that this was a practice in precision. I tried to get this to be a smidge thicker and more even a ply than the Buckle My Shoe. What I got was a much shorter ply, at least to the naked eye. I’m fairly certain that I still got a good 200+ yards out of it though! =D

Third Ply: 60/40 Merino/Bamboo in the She Shed colorway by Thoroughly Thwacked. Ok so this is not a measured 2oz, but I think it’ll be enough to match the first two in length fairly decently. I was waffling on whether or not to use the BFL and decided on continuing with the merino trend. My first attempt with the BFL was not so great, though friends rave about it’s soft and silkiness. I repeatedly dropped my Kundert when attempting a ply and barely got a few yards before I gave up. I’ll try again at a later time because it must be plied with another color. I can’t ignore that coffee and cream coloring!

Two vs Three ply: Visually

In theme with being impatient and wanting to experiment I tested the ends of the Buckle My Shoe and the Natural Merino to see what it would potentially look like and got this (Sorry for the blurry pic, but you can see how kinda puffy it is as just a 2 ply):


I’m not a fan of how the test is looking. I went ahead and started plying the She Shed and wow does it make a difference!



Granted this doesn’t show at all what the color changes will look like. She Shed has blue and pink/red sections which I have found blend together much better now that I am finally drafting properly and the ply itself is much skinnier than my first attempt. The color transitions are not so abrupt and the over-spinning that I was doing before is much less of a problem since working with the merino. I’m pretty stoked to get the ply finished, take pictures, and share with everyone the final yarn results!

If all goes as planned, I think I may stick with the plying a solid with a multi-dyed fiber path. 2 ounces seems to be a good sweet spot for me before I get bored of a particular colorway and I really like the way my three ply hand spun looks. The closer I get to completing the third ply the more anxious I am to get my hands on a niddy noddy. Granted that for measuring purposes, my swift works just as well, and also to make a decent sized skein. Just wanting to have all the right, and pretty, tools I guess. =)

And just how am I going to go about plying 6 ounces of yarn? Uh…we’ll get to that when we get to that…hehe


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