Moody Cat, Part 2


The results of this weekend: bites…so many bites… =(

I think Lucy may have given up on being nice. We’re back to about what we were at a year ago in terms of occupational hazards of having a cranky cat. Her patience level since the overnight adventure has been cut dramatically resulting in unprovoked bite-run-eat behavior. *sigh* My poor kitty.

Inventory –

Saturday: 3 bites, 1 scratch    Sunday: 2 bites    Monday: 1 nibble, 2-paw-bite

2-paw-bites are the worst. When she does this she is genuinely angry and lashing out. Her typical bite on the weekends is because I’m still in bed, she’s locked in the room with me, and she wants me to wake up and let her out. The 2-paw-bite is full on aggression and reactive to whatever situation she deems annoying. Last nights attack was a result of booping. She didn’t want anything do with any booping whatsovever.  She’s like the worst window shopper ever.

Go to the store (engage in snuggle puddle)ofMt0mC

Look at the stuff (purr and nuzzle)

Debate on what to buy (continued purring with flicking tail)

Steal something when no one is looking, because you just haaaaad to (bite-run-eat)

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