Moody Cat, part 3…and then some


Steak Fries, she likes them more than potato chips.

I wouldn’t call Lucy an unintelligent animal. She knows how to get what she wants from us, usually by being cute or by nipping. She doesn’t take crap from anyone, including humans. She does things like all other cats do, eats one kibble mouthful at a time, plays with catnip toys, watches birds outside the window. But Lucy, like any creature on this planet becomes rather unintelligent when stressed.

The other night we had all snuggled down into bed for the night: lights were off, cat tucked in on my left side as usual. Then around 3 in the morning, she decided that it was time to bite me. I’m asleep, so I have no idea why she’s walking all over me, sniffing in my face, jumping off and onto the bed, roaming around the pillows, etc. At this point I’ve nudged her off of me about 5 times, pushed her off the bed a few, and overall ignored her attempts to wake me up. This line of behavior resulted in several bites all over my left arm. =(

Guh, this cat!

…her water bowl in the bedroom was empty…the water bowl in the living room next to her kibble was full…


On top of all of that this morning, about 5am I thought she had stopped breathing. She was curled up in her usual snail position for bed sleeping. Her fur was cold, her back was rigid, and a typical stroke of the side wasn’t resulting in the usual reaction. I panicked. Woke up Jonathan. Turned on the lights. Grumpy pants ran off to the living room looking very annoyed. The pumpkin head eventually came back and slept in the same exact way, except on my feet, where I could definitely feel her warmth and knew she was still breathing. I’m soooo glad tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I’ll have a day to de-stress…hopefully.

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