My Name is What?

Hey there. I spent last weekend up in Seattle with my lovely friends Izi and Rocko…I mean Noriko and Ari. =D

Izi is a mega-derp-a-licious cat. And Rocko is a haphazardly Chi puppy who desperately wants to play with Izi…who refuses to have anything to do with him besides the occasional BAP.

But anyways. I was up to assist my friends with their booth at the Fiber Fusion at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe Washington. Yay! My people have a booth! The week leading up to it I couldn’t remember where exactly we were going. Monroe? Who’s ever heard of this place? Not me apparently. And despite my name, I couldn’t remember it in casual conversation.

So what did I come home with? FIBER!!! Fibah….FERberrrrhhhh 

Yes, I managed to purchase another drop spindle, art bats, a few skeins of yarn, beads, and a ceramic dish. Pretty tame!

Fiber Fusion Haul


All in all, I’m pretty pleased with myself. Didn’t go dramatically crazy with spending, but still got some really cool stuff. I’ve got master plans for the yarns. No idea what I’m going to do with the fiber. Although…the more I think about it the more I feel like the Mad Hatter’s Fibers and the Plum Crazy Ranch stuff will be worked together into a two ply….mmm grey super sparkle and pepperminty pinky red stuff…mmmmmhmmm….

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