My One and Only December

How….how is it December already?!

We’ve made some changing at the homestead. Got a PS4 Pro for my husband’s birthday so we’ve accumulated a new tv and a new tv cabinet shelf thing for it. But that also means we’ve thrown out quite a number of things, reorganized the basement storage locker, and made space for a Christmas tree!!

This part I am particularly excited for. We haven’t had a Christmas tree in almost 2 years! Lucy doesn’t mind the tree either. Despite her being a cat she couldn’t give two dingle berries about it. Tree Tree Tree!!! Hopefully we’ll be able to grab one this weekend. I’ll also be able to put up the new stockings I made on Halloween night. Mmm….tree, stockings, new 4k HDTV where we can watch 4k log on a fire…thanks Netflix.

So what have I been doing fiber related recently?

Well for starters I’ve started another sweater! I don’t know about you, but I feel lost and forlorn when I don’t have a pulloverĀ in the works.

I’ve mostly written off knitting cardigans, but I’ve come across an open cardigan (no button holes or button band to fight with!) that has raglan shaping. So I’ve frogged an experiment I was doing with my Polwarth/Silk blend from Knitted Witt and using my Caterpillar green Concrete Remix. Yes one is Dk and the other is a fingering weight, but so far it looks like it’s working. I’ve gone down a needle size so that the fingering weight (the back texture) won’t be too loose and it seems to be working out fine. I plan on making two sizes too big, a 39″, so it should be fine…and if not I’ll block it so that it is forced to be fine! But on a more technical note, I don’t think the sizing will be a huge problem. It is constructed top down so I will be trying it on as I go.

ranglan sweater

On the spinning I’ve gone through about 14oz of fiber since mid-October.

4oz 100% merino in a pink salmon color. Standard Ashland Bay kind of commercial top.

4oz of Merino, Corriedale, and Tussah silk by The Homestead Hobbyist

Almost 4oz of an amazing art battĀ of Merino, BFL, Romney, Mohair, Polwarth, Tussah silk, Soy silk, and Tencel by Batts in the Bellfry

2oz of a custom red/white by Mad Hatter Fibers. Looks like a peppermint candy!

Next up on my list of things to spin are:

4oz of Merino and Yak by Alexandra’s Crafts

2oz of Merino and Stellina by Plum Crazy Ranch & Fiber Art

1oz of Rose Garden, a merino blend of a discontinued color way from Ashland Bay

2oz Rollag, experimental technique learning purposes

And then the giant bag of undyed ecru fibers from Woolgatherings for the purposes of learning other textures and animal fiber spinning.


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