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Nintendo Switch Games good for us who get Motion Sickness

I’ve looked around online and I can’t seem to find a definitive answer to fixing motion sickness issues I get while playing on my Nintendo Switch. Kotaku’s article on the subject is also vague and doesn’t really provide an answer to the issue.

The symptoms of my motion sickness include: increased heart rate, headache at the front of my forehead, tense behind my eyes, and nausea. (I also get this when I try to read books or knit in a moving car.) I have tried things like modifying directional sensitivity from the controllers, reducing the brightness, and modifying rgb on my television. Yet despite those changes I still can’t play Breath of the Wild or the new Dragon Quest XI port.

So, here’s a list of games (not all are open world) I’m able to play that I recommend for you to check out if you also suffer from motion sickness while playing video games.

1. Dust An Elysian Tale
2. Fire Emblem Warriors
3. Octopath Traveler
4. Tales of Vesperia
5. Ring Fit Adventure
6. Final Fantasy IX
7. I Am Setsuna

Demos I’ve tried:
1. Oninaki
2. Lost Sphere
3. Super Lucky’s Tale

I’ll be adding to this list as my small library of games grows. 🙂

Games you can try, if you’re willing to suffer a little bit:
1. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (eventually you can fast-travel in the Garreg Mach)
2. Dragonball Z Xenoverse (I haven’t played this in a long while, but for me it’s more confusing than headache inducing)

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