More evidence that Lucy is a mid-level dweller. She doesn’t like getting up high, the carpet or a stack of boxes is good enough for her. I think her interests lay in the general monitoring of the whole apartment instead of monitoring the outside of the apartment.


The windows have been open, screen in, available to her, but she doesn’t seem that interested. Perhaps because the neighborhood cats fight so much? The drama-llama part of her brain perhaps no longer activates?

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Sometimes a sleeping kitty loaf cat-erpillar is all you need to put your world into perspective. And those quiet times when she barks for no reason. And those other times the neighborhood cats fight in the backyard. And then those other other times when she’s curled up in a ball with her toes near her nose…


Miss Lucy is a contented kitty. She recently figured out how to get into the water radiators without falling off. She’s brave enough to get a look out the windows now that the heaters are turned off and the weather outside is nice. Her bravery extends to that point. I’m sure she’ll start trying to claw out the screens soon…but hopefully not.


Such an innocent looking little demon.

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Open Letter:

Dear Trimet,

I love you guys! I know that there is probably a ton of bureaucracy and that it is probably inflated into unbelievable loopholes, deathtraps, and political strife. But the service your provide and the bus operators on the front line have never been anything but totally awesome and helpful to everyone.

My issue comes from a lack of basic maintenance and overall rider quality. Is it the city’s job to keep the bus shelters clean or yours? Is it the bus operators job to be police the riders? Is there a way to get the message out to riders beyond: Hey don’t be dumb and get hit by the max!! Because that is the #1 reason people are having issues with Trimet and it’s services. -_-

I know a lot of people gripe about Vancouver, WA. residents and the stigma of being from that area, but I’ve ridden C-Tran and NEVER had any problem with their bus operators keeping the peace on a ride. C-Tran has successfully persuaded people that it’s better to:

a) exit through the rear of the bus
b) use headphones generously without overpowering their neighbor with obnoxious tinny music.
c) give up seats to the elderly
d) not vandalize seats, railings, and windows
e) not yelling at each other when an inside voice is sufficient to carry a conversation
f) maintain all around safety and politeness like your grandma taught you
g) not carry on a cell phone conversation while riding
h) not leave trash in bus shelters or otherwise
i) not use bus shelters as urinals

How is it, with our supposed urban superiority, that these things are unobtainable? Bullshit if the argument is that population growth are the “mitigating factors”.

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Oh man, where to begin.

I’m currently working on a sweater. It’s been a while since I made a project that took a while…although I do have a very large circular shawl in hibernation. It is rather same-same status as far as other things go.

Still haven’t purchased a gym membership. =/ (I really need to get on this)

I do have a number of projects I’m looking forward to though!

a) Paulette Test Knit – Shawl by Norichan
b) Fall sweater – Kyra Boatneck Pullover
c) Winter leggings – Fyne
d) Fall coverup – Pontos Cardigan

I still have the office planter. It’s a giant round glass terrarium that I’m undecided about. Put in plants or put in a beta fish?

Too much to do!

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Week vacation to Costa Rica was super awesome!

Saw two HUGE mother leatherback sea turtles nesting on the beach, got to release a baby leatherback into the ocean, and saw mother Sloths with their babies.

All in all, a pretty damn good time for my first vacation outside the country. The food was great!! Costa Rican’s know how to eat!

So what was the research station like?
1) No hot water
2) Everyone uses the waste bin, no flushing tp down the toilet.
3) 80%-100% Humidity
4) Rain storms, Serious Thunder and Lightning that lasts for hours on end.
5) Geckos!
6) Blue crabs
7) Giant toads
8) Giant moths/butterflys
9) Sand fleas
10) Sun-up at 5am, pitch dark at 5pm.
11) 3 meals a day
12) Mosquitoes

What did we do?
1) Walked the beach to find nesting mother leatherbacks, at night, in the rain, 6-8 miles
2) Dug a 50x50x3 sand pit for the hatchery
3) Hatchery watch -keeping an eye out for the babies coming out of the sand
4) Jonathan dug a nest at the hatchery and replanted the turtle eggs
5) Beach cleanup (2 mile hike to the river mouth, giant trash bags carried back…I found a melted vial of blood, tons of Styrofoam and plastic bottles)
6) Toured a nature reserve that specializes in Butterfly exports.

The hatchery pit we helped dig out.

The hatchery pit we helped dig out.

The nest Jonathan dug out and replanted with the turtle eggs.

The nest Jonathan dug out and replanted with the turtle eggs.

Ocean view from the top of the giant wall of sand of the dug out hatchery. At the very edge you can see the change in color – that’s where the river mouth is.

Lizard dude hanging out in the poolside machinery hidden by rocks.

Lizard dude hanging out in the poolside machinery hidden by rocks.

Sloth Mother on the left, baby on the right.

Sloth Mother on the left, baby on the right.


I’d totally be down to go again.

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IMG_0833 - Copy

Lucy likes to chew on plastic.

Lucy likes to chew on plastic at 5am.

Lucy likes to run away from me at 5am for chewing on plastic.

Lucy likes to chew on plastic in the living room after I’ve settled back into bed.

Lucy gets sprayed with water at 5am.


IMG_0837 - Copy

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