Date Completed: April 23rd, 2015 RAV

Project: Adama

Yarn: Tosh Vintage in Composition Book Gray

Difficulty: Easy



This may be the easiest cowl I’ve ever knit! Also possibly in the running for the fastest. It took maybe a weeks time, about 20 hours. I would definitely recommend this for someone who is starting out with lace knitting, knitting in the round, reading charts, or learning tab cast-on for shawls.

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This has been a long time coming. Most of my yarn collection started as RedHeart…thank goodness I grew out of that quick. I no longer knit with acrylic yarn unless there is an absolute need to. My collection is most mid-range priced items. (The more expensive stuff I tend to have a project ready to start). I have wool, merino, merino blends, Alpaca, some random handspun blends that I have no idea of the contents, cotton, and a little bit of left over RedHeart from a past life.

I also have wide range of colors, if that wasn’t obvious enough. I do avoid purchasing yellow and odd tones of rust. Neither look very good on me. I do wish I had more grays and whites. White though I also tend to avoid because projects just end up looking dirty by the time I’m done.

The stash itself is unorganized, which I’m fine with at the moment. I’m also fine with not buying yarn again until next year – hehehe. I’ve pretty much got the rest of the year planned out as well.

Current UFOs:

  • Shawl
  • Circular shawl
  • A summer top of my own design
  • A cowl of my own design
  • Jonathan’s sweater


I have enough yarn for:

  • Light sweater
  • two or three shawls
  • many pairs of finger-less mittens
  • many many hats
  • too much dk weight purple highland wool

My Ravelry queue is back up to 14 pages…

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Yes updates! Changed the template of the blog. Highly considering consolidating my content into just this website since it’s the one I manage to update the most often.

Lucy is doing fine. Being her usual lazy self. Her birthday is coming up! Jonathan sent me a baby photo:


So tiny and squinty! 10 is a pretty big date for a Lucy-cat!



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Most noticeable of my Lucy cat is her curiosity, especially with smells. She’ll sniff laundry, the tip of your finger, and any other thing she comes across or has recently moved location in the apartment. If the window is open, she is desperate to get close and smell the smells wafting in from the great outdoors. We have urban chickens, two outdoor cats, squirrels, and human traffic all well within earshot, so naturally they are also within smell-shot.




Her desire for the outdoors is not limited to the smells of outside coming from outside, but also from the outside we bring into the apartment. A few weeks ago Jonathan and I went to the Herb Shoppe and bought some salts. One was a basic sea salt. The other smelled ashy and burnt like a camp fire (and also tastes FABULOUS). I put my bag down in the usual place and went about my usual at home routine, only to be interrupted by the sounds of rustling in plastic. (My shopping bag is a reusable nylon/plastic bag, the kind that can be tucked into itself with a little attached pouch). She was investigating my bag, which smelled heavily of the camp fire ash. If I get up to check on her antics, she usually runs away, so this photo was taken from afar at the dining room table.




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I’ve been sick with the flu the past two weeks. And of course the oblivious princess insisted on sitting on me at every possible moment I was horizontal. So that ended not super well. Kitty got no snuggles for about a week and a half. Despite the glorious mid-day sun she was not happy about it.


Once I got well enough…about Thursday of last week, Lucy was allowed on my chest again. And blep’ed really hard.


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I “fell asleep” on the couch last night.

Mid-night cat tasks:

1. Push plastic bag that was on a speaker onto the floor. Sit on said speaker. Rub face and chin on the top edge of other green plastic bag next to the speaker.

2. Spazz around the coffee table. Jump up onto mom. Let mom pet head. Bite mom’s palm, twice.

3. Fall asleep next to mom. Slowly turn clockwise and flip onto back. Push paws forward to take up more space. Mom shifts, sprint down the hallway.

I didn’t sleep well last night.

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Oooooooooh, so warm and fuuurrffyyy!!!


The first sun beams of the year have come into the new apartment. Lucy is quite pleased. She has pretty much spent all the afternoon hours either sleeping in her favorite chair or lounging in the sun on the floor. Our last domicile didn’t have sunbeams at all. But it did have large windows with kitty size, and low to the ground, window sills. This new place, not so much on the window access level for the kitty, but the sun beams! A pretty good trade off I’d say. (Also no fleas from terrible dog owners can get to our fur baby).

Now that we know where the sun hits, we can buy her a cat tree. I want to get one that we can put in the corner of the dining room that gets all the morning and afternoon sun. These windows also happen to not have any blinds covering them, so we’ve been using my Shoji screen to block the afternoon sun.

MMMmmmm so much kitty laze….crossed paws…so comfy in the sun….mew mew mew…


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