As I’ve mentioned before, Lucy likes to put her person on all my things, especially when I’m knitting, aka not giving her pettings and snuggles. Last night as I was working away at the 2015 Rose City Yarn Crawl Mystery Knit-a-long, she managed to yet again snoop her little nose through the knitting cables to put her whiskers into my face….sigh…too damn cute.

We’ve also been notified that the boilers that control the heating in the building have been put in a reduced schedule because of the weather being so warm recently. (All the blizzarding happening in Europe and the East Coast). Lucy is not pleased that the heat is not on during the middle of the day.

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I have no photographic evidence other than what I can remember in my minds eye. This weekend was rather lazy and we stayed in while it poured rain outside. I’ve never lived so close to a mountain before, but I’ve always been used to high tree covered hills and the misty downpours. Lucy slept all weekend in her favorite chair.

This favorite chair is an old hardwood with green upholstery. Rough to the touch, but cozy. Very late 80’s in design. I had noticed in the past three years of living with this kitty, and other kitties, that every once in a while I would come across what looked like a full claw just hanging around on the floor or in the couch cushions. When Lucy stretches out a paw after being curled up for a few hours and latches into the back of her favorite chair, she invariably gets stuck. And pulls….and pulls…until it pops and her paw becomes free again. On Sunday afternoon she did this, and I noticed a piece of white flick out towards her and landed in between her and the chair, which she then sniffed and licked up into her mouth. It was gone. I can only assume at this point that cat claws are like onions. Not like Ogres. As a safety mechanism, is this something that cats developed over time as domestic animals? I doubt there is much in the wild that would get a cat claw stuck like this. There isn’t an instance that I can think of at the moment anyways.


5. Don’t panic if you see claw sheaths on the ground

“When you see pieces of your cat’s claws on the floor or embedded in his scratching post, it just means that the outside layer of his claw has grown beyond the blood supply and therefore falls off when he scratches — revealing a nice, sharp new talon underneath! Cats generally shed each claw once every few months.”


But as for the title of this post. Jonathan had found her this morning lounging like a beached whale on the bathroom floor. I heard the furrball munching on a butter cracker this morning. She had gotten into the box of crackers on the table, pulled out the plastic sheath, chose one, and took it down to the floor and had eaten about half of it. I didn’t notice the crackers until I was ready to leave for work. Sneaky butt cat! If cats actually have the emotion to be spiteful, I would say that this was in retaliation for being locked out of the bedroom all night.

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(bonus lady bug)


The grass is about 3″ tall or so! I’m feeling pretty good about myself. Watering every other day seems to help. Plus the fact that our apartment is basically a greenhouse (consistently warm due to the hot water radiators and lots of sunlight). This gives me hope that I can potentially grow more things and Lucy-cat won’t mess with the growing process.

Since grass doesn’t seem to have a very strong scent I think that she has not realized that it is there. The kitchen counter is also not a favorite spot of hers, yet. Her usual place to lounge is in the living room right in front of one of the longer radiators. I hope that hot spot keeps her attention for a while because I want to start introducing house plants into the house. One in the bathroom, and maybe one in the dining room. None in the living room since that’s where she likes to hang out the most. I also saw an enclosed terrarium at the Urban Outfitters next door to my work. A very strong possibility that I will come home with one of those some day, or maybe one from Fred Meyer that is already built with rocks and plants.

I want an Aloe Vera plant really bad and I think it would do well on the dining room table. Or maybe a cactus…but I’ve killed cactus’ before. Aloe Vera is kind of like a cactus? =/

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Success!! The seeds have sprouted! I am so proud of myself! =D

I asked Jonathan if she would eat it, to which he replied that she would. I also asked him if she would think that the pet grass is tasty, to which he replied that she would eat it. I suppose it doesn’t really matter if she thinks the fresh shoots of grass are tasty or not.

I put the grass down in front of her even though it’s not quite yet ready for harvesting. There is definite interest. ^.^





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