I “fell asleep” on the couch last night.

Mid-night cat tasks:

1. Push plastic bag that was on a speaker onto the floor. Sit on said speaker. Rub face and chin on the top edge of other green plastic bag next to the speaker.

2. Spazz around the coffee table. Jump up onto mom. Let mom pet head. Bite mom’s palm, twice.

3. Fall asleep next to mom. Slowly turn clockwise and flip onto back. Push paws forward to take up more space. Mom shifts, sprint down the hallway.

I didn’t sleep well last night.

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Oooooooooh, so warm and fuuurrffyyy!!!


The first sun beams of the year have come into the new apartment. Lucy is quite pleased. She has pretty much spent all the afternoon hours either sleeping in her favorite chair or lounging in the sun on the floor. Our last domicile didn’t have sunbeams at all. But it did have large windows with kitty size, and low to the ground, window sills. This new place, not so much on the window access level for the kitty, but the sun beams! A pretty good trade off I’d say. (Also no fleas from terrible dog owners can get to our fur baby).

Now that we know where the sun hits, we can buy her a cat tree. I want to get one that we can put in the corner of the dining room that gets all the morning and afternoon sun. These windows also happen to not have any blinds covering them, so we’ve been using my Shoji screen to block the afternoon sun.

MMMmmmm so much kitty laze….crossed paws…so comfy in the sun….mew mew mew…


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Last week our precious got at my chicken bones. Cooked chicken bones. =(

She chomped and ate an entire radius…or maybe it was the ulna… In any case, come day break Jonathan was panicing that she was going to perforate her small intestine and bleed out a slow and bloody death. Dramatic….Paaause~!


I cleaned out her box and she’s been pooping just fine. After a call to a vet tech, we were relieved to find out that cats generally chomp bird bones into tiny pieces, even cooked bird bones, and go generally unharmed. She’s poop’in just fine. She definitely knew something was up though and has been coy and behaving herself while at the same time looking very smug and satisfied with herself.

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As I’ve mentioned before, Lucy likes to put her person on all my things, especially when I’m knitting, aka not giving her pettings and snuggles. Last night as I was working away at the 2015 Rose City Yarn Crawl Mystery Knit-a-long, she managed to yet again snoop her little nose through the knitting cables to put her whiskers into my face….sigh…too damn cute.

We’ve also been notified that the boilers that control the heating in the building have been put in a reduced schedule because of the weather being so warm recently. (All the blizzarding happening in Europe and the East Coast). Lucy is not pleased that the heat is not on during the middle of the day.

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