Snouts ‘n Kibble

Turns out that Lucy did not like the little blue bowl I had put her new kibble in. Back to the old bowl and food = gone with the wind. =)

Happy New Year!

So this year my friend Noriko and I are doing a massive mega-KAL hosted on Ravelry. The theme for 2015 is shawls. I wound my yarn last night in anticipation of casting on stitches on Thursday. Kind of glad my Luce-Purr doesn’t really give a hoot about yarn. She just gave it a sniff…and then gave me a look.

IMG_0230 IMG_0231

I guess since I was right there watching, the temptation to shove the ball of yarn off her box was tempered.  But really, she’s good about not messing with my craft supplies. Now if only I could get her to stop attacking the small piece of Velcro attached to my Chromebook power cord…




We have submitted to Comcast…

The good side of this is that I got some pretty damn cute pictures of Lucy-purr being trapped in the bedroom.

IMG_0167 IMG_0169


With ourselves strapped to the back of the Comcast turtle, even Lucy will have to make some sacrifices starting with her waistline. She didn’t get any Christmas presents, so we went and bought her some new kitty treats and new food. The new food is meant for weight control of indoor elderly kitties. Yes, Lucy is an elderly kitty. Strictly we will be feeding her 1/4 cup in the morning and 1/4 cup at night by actually measuring, not eyeballing. I also put her food in a smaller bowl so she could reach all the pieces of kibble with her little snout. Heaven forbid she use her tongue to get the kibble in the corners of a bowl.

We also got her another flea collar. I’m not sure how they got back onto her, but she’s got a hot patch again! Smaller this time, but still. My poor fuzzy. =(

Flea collar, treats, new and better for her food. Long Live the Little Devil….eeen!! Queen! Really, she’s a cat.

Home Sweet Home

We’ve moved! And the little kitty-poo-poo is a happy camper!

New things to sniff, new windows to look out of (second story), mountains of boxes to hide behind and lounge upon! The first night there I could tell she was very pleased with the move.

More to come!

I sit here. Yes.

Knitting is one of my crafting hobbies. Knitting while watching tv lounging on the couch with Jonathan and the cat perched on the back of the couch.

This weekend Lucy decided that she wanted to sit on me. This is fairly normal, but I happened to be using longer circular needles as I am making a long scarf/cowl…and instead of on top of the knitting, as she usually parades across me to mash my parts into a comfortable nest, she went into the knitting: through the loop, between my arms, paws and head forward, as if she was working her way through a blanket to the optimal snuggling position on my lap with whiskers directly in my face.  Jonathan tried to get a picture of it, but only managed a flashed shot of my arm. Silly little Lucy cat.

Kitty Surprise

Lucy has no real sense of time. When we go in and out of the house, she generally behaves the same way all the time as if a dog greeting it’s master (but we all know, kitty just wants food).

Today I forgot to turn off the heater in the bathroom, so I had to return home. Lucy was at the door meowing at me and doing figure eights around my legs. Half-way to the bus stop I realized that I forgot my ring in the bathroom, so I returned home again. Lucy was at the door meowing at me, again. No figure eights this time, but she went and munched on her kibble and expertly flicking her tail where I needed to step in order to get to the front door. -sigh-

Who knows if she really has any concept of time. She might have thought three days had gone by.


Cleaning Technique:

(as explained by Lucy)

Step 1) Look away as if disinterested and/or distracted

Step 1) Look away as if disinterested and/or distracted

Step 2) Lick lick lick

Step 3) Paw paw paw

Step 3) Paw paw paw