(bonus lady bug)


The grass is about 3″ tall or so! I’m feeling pretty good about myself. Watering every other day seems to help. Plus the fact that our apartment is basically a greenhouse (consistently warm due to the hot water radiators and lots of sunlight). This gives me hope that I can potentially grow more things and Lucy-cat won’t mess with the growing process.

Since grass doesn’t seem to have a very strong scent I think that she has not realized that it is there. The kitchen counter is also not a favorite spot of hers, yet. Her usual place to lounge is in the living room right in front of one of the longer radiators. I hope that hot spot keeps her attention for a while because I want to start introducing house plants into the house. One in the bathroom, and maybe one in the dining room. None in the living room since that’s where she likes to hang out the most. I also saw an enclosed terrarium at the Urban Outfitters next door to my work. A very strong possibility that I will come home with one of those some day, or maybe one from Fred Meyer that is already built with rocks and plants.

I want an Aloe Vera plant really bad and I think it would do well on the dining room table. Or maybe a cactus…but I’ve killed cactus’ before. Aloe Vera is kind of like a cactus? =/

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Success!! The seeds have sprouted! I am so proud of myself! =D

I asked Jonathan if she would eat it, to which he replied that she would. I also asked him if she would think that the pet grass is tasty, to which he replied that she would eat it. I suppose it doesn’t really matter if she thinks the fresh shoots of grass are tasty or not.

I put the grass down in front of her even though it’s not quite yet ready for harvesting. There is definite interest. ^.^





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I mentioned last week that we bought Lucy new food. To be precise, we’ve put Chubberina on a diet. Along with this diet we have included Kitty Yums Tasty Chicken Treats and I am attempting to grow her some gluten free pet grass. Now if you know me you should realize the tragedy that is my ability to grow green things and keep them alive. In short, I can’t. I have a brown thumb. I’ve followed the instructions on the package, and this is the result:


IMG_0280 Ten poked holes in the bottom. Dampened soil. Seeds mixed in at a depth of at least 1/4″.
I used a bamboo skewer to make the holes and the stir up the soil and assist in the moistening process. I’m probably not supposed to mix up the soil after the seeds have been placed….but whatever. The little package said it was supposed to sit on a plate in a dark-ish warm place. The only place I can think of is right next to one of the radiators, which all are near windows, which let in a lot of light….sigh…

So, the little glass bowl/vase I shoved the packaging into is sitting on the second section of a bookshelf near-ish one of the heaters. Grow baby grow!

Also pictured are her food and Kitty Yums.

Pet Grass was bought at my local Nature’s Pet on NW 21st. You can also buy it on Amazon. If you do buy from Amazon, don’t forget to set up your smile account! =)

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So this year my friend Noriko and I are doing a massive mega-KAL hosted on Ravelry. The theme for 2015 is shawls. I wound my yarn last night in anticipation of casting on stitches on Thursday. Kind of glad my Luce-Purr doesn’t really give a hoot about yarn. She just gave it a sniff…and then gave me a look.



I guess since I was right there watching, the temptation to shove the ball of yarn off her box was tempered.  But really, she’s good about not messing with my craft supplies. Now if only I could get her to stop attacking the small piece of Velcro attached to my Chromebook power cord…



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We have submitted to Comcast…

The good side of this is that I got some pretty damn cute pictures of Lucy-purr being trapped in the bedroom.




With ourselves strapped to the back of the Comcast turtle, even Lucy will have to make some sacrifices starting with her waistline. She didn’t get any Christmas presents, so we went and bought her some new kitty treats and new food. The new food is meant for weight control of indoor elderly kitties. Yes, Lucy is an elderly kitty. Strictly we will be feeding her 1/4 cup in the morning and 1/4 cup at night by actually measuring, not eyeballing. I also put her food in a smaller bowl so she could reach all the pieces of kibble with her little snout. Heaven forbid she use her tongue to get the kibble in the corners of a bowl.

We also got her another flea collar. I’m not sure how they got back onto her, but she’s got a hot patch again! Smaller this time, but still. My poor fuzzy. =(

Flea collar, treats, new and better for her food. Long Live the Little Devil….eeen!! Queen! Really, she’s a cat.

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We’ve moved! And the little kitty-poo-poo is a happy camper!

New things to sniff, new windows to look out of (second story), mountains of boxes to hide behind and lounge upon! The first night there I could tell she was very pleased with the move.

More to come!

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