Jonathan insists that the Lucy has a B-spot. B as in bite. The odd things is that I’ve never encountered this B-spot and I’ve touched nearly every part of this cat, minus the sensitive parts: butt, inner mouth, inner ear, etc. The aggression comes out when the left back leg is touched around the hip joint. At one point, Jonathan told me about an accident she had while quite young, she “fell” off the stairwell banister (and by ‘fell’, he suspects an asshole ex-roommate pushed her). With youthful kitty reflexes she probably did land on her paws, but has since been sensitive to touches and petting in that area.

That accident on top of her current activity level being near zero makes me wonder if she likes it when we touch and sometimes not. She doesn’t position herself in a protective manner to block us from touching her fuzzy tail, her back paws, or even her hind-quarters. But she does escalate quickly to biting when she doesn’t like a particular petting action. She doesn’t bite me when I scoop my arm around her backside to position her tail and paws into a comfortable resting position. I don’t know. She’s a weird cat with people issues. =(

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The results of this weekend: bites…so many bites… =(

I think Lucy may have given up on being nice. We’re back to about what we were at a year ago in terms of occupational hazards of having a cranky cat. Her patience level since the overnight adventure has been cut dramatically resulting in unprovoked bite-run-eat behavior. *sigh* My poor kitty.

Inventory –

Saturday: 3 bites, 1 scratch    Sunday: 2 bites    Monday: 1 nibble, 2-paw-bite

2-paw-bites are the worst. When she does this she is genuinely angry and lashing out. Her typical bite on the weekends is because I’m still in bed, she’s locked in the room with me, and she wants me to wake up and let her out. The 2-paw-bite is full on aggression and reactive to whatever situation she deems annoying. Last nights attack was a result of booping. She didn’t want anything do with any booping whatsovever.  She’s like the worst window shopper ever.

Go to the store (engage in snuggle puddle)ofMt0mC

Look at the stuff (purr and nuzzle)

Debate on what to buy (continued purring with flicking tail)

Steal something when no one is looking, because you just haaaaad to (bite-run-eat)

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Moody cat jumped up on the dressers.
Moody cat got sprayed with water by Dad.
Moody cat snuggled on me.
Moody cat refused food from Dad and sat in the bedroom doorway as I got dressed.

Moody cat don’t want none of your shit, Dad. -_-

– a poem, dedicated to Jonathan. aka Dad.

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Last week, we almost lost Lucy.

Jonathan came home late from a work engagement and she slipped out into the dark. It was cold that night.

We stayed up talking that night discussing random things: how late it was, how I wanted to take up the ukulele, etc. Lucy wasn’t in the bedroom. It was pretty late when we finally fell asleep…maybe 12:30-ish. Still no Lucy in the bed.

Usually after we settle down she comes back and picks a spot either between my legs or under my left armpit. Lucy wasn’t there when I woke up.

I got up, got ready, moved into the living room to find her. She wasn’t in the window. I looked in the bathroom, under the sink (she likes cupboards), and in every laundry pile. No dice.

She was outside and had spent the whole night outside under the apartment building under our bedroom.

Jonathan and I had stayed up late talking that night, so we can only assume that she heard us and got as close as she possibly could. The poor little fur-ball was not amused. Not amused at all.

She’s still not amused and a little more on the wiley side, bitey, and excessively needy (more than usual).

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the eyes

I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but I live in a very cat-dense neighborhood. An 11 block walk will yield at least 5 cat sightings.  Luckily, Lucy is afraid of the outside. Her curiosity of course doesn’t impede her desire to rush out the front door. Cat-knapping is a thing in this town. Hipster mentality? We have 1 cat. I wouldn’t mind another, but I’m not going to steal one off the streets because I feel like I’d be a better cat owner than the cat’s actual owner.

1 fuzz-bucket and 1 husband is enough hair and fur for me for now.

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So my Lucy-Goose does not specifically attack my yarn stash. What she does attack: whatever she sees out of the corner of her eye.

I have many balls of yarn, a few cones of yarn, and various partially completed knitted items all over the couch, behind the couch, and on my desk. Lucy, being the weirdo that she is, has never stalked and attacked any of these things. If anything she takes every opportunity available to lay on top of my arms when engaged in the act of knitting. Of course with the intention of getting attention. On the occasion that I am winding yarn, she will monitor the progress of the swift. Usually there is a tiny bit of yarn at the end that hangs down. The jagged movement of this piece of yarn is usually what catches her eye. The only other time she goes after the yarn is if I mindlessly throw within her field of vision.

Ears perk up. Eyes dilate. Claws come out. Must. Get. Thingy. Must. GET. THINGY!!!!!!!!!


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