Caterpillar Weekend

Since it has been so hot lately, Lucy has been a little furry caterpillar on the floor. Her ‘leaf’ on which she resides in caterpillar form is the dark corner by the front door. Light is blocked off from this area via blackout curtains and a three panel folding screen. We assume she likes this spot on the floor because:

a. It’s colder on the floor.

b. It’s near her water and food bowls.

c. She can watch Jonathan at his computer and me on the couch without needing to move.

d. It’s colder on the floor.

Being the pack-rat that I am, there happened to be some coupon flyers on the floor. Red Plum or some such thing. Over the weekend Lucy has been playing with the paper, laying on it, rubbing on it, and otherwise spreading it around until yesterday afternoon she made a small bed of it. Not a fur-patch was touching the hardwood floors. All fur-patches and paws were stretched out across the paper. And once I noticed she stretched out in with deceptive cuteness, caught her front paws on the love seat, and slowly kneaded her way off the paper onto the floor rug. It was sort of like watching, in slow motion, Lucy walking sideways.

Nibble Nibble

Lucy is a fairly typical cat. She sleeps, she eats, she poops. In typical cat like fashion she one could associate her daily behaviors with that of an infant. Her eating patterns on the other hand, are strictly Grazer level.

Grazer: eating from a single source of food, such as a food bowl. A single serving which is eaten at a slow pace to last approximately 10-ish hours.

Feeding schedule:

7:45am – 1/4 Cup of kibble

5:45-6:15pm – 1/4 Cup of kibble

Generally what I find when I get home is that she hasn’t exactly eaten all her food from the morning serving. Today was my day off work so I fed her a little bit later, about 8:30am. I left the apartment about 4:45pm to see The MLS All Star team beat Bayern M√ľnchen 2-1. Totally awesome game!!!!!!!!!!

There was still kibble in her bowl, good for three or four mouth-fulls. Additional to the kitty fashion of eating, there was also a mouth-full or two of kibble strewn around the floor near her eating area. Upon returning this was all eaten. So I gave her dinner, wandered about the house for a few moments, she was crouched on the floor so I went and pet her, she flops over as usual…


aaaaand then she bit my toe.

Lucy Loves Me

Lucy cat loves to snuggle. And when she snuggles she purrs…and this ultimately leads to drooling. Drooling by itself is generally a dab or two of moisture on my person. Today, Lucy has scored herself a new place in which her drool has graced my presence. My face.

The nimble little butterfly jumped onto my lap as I was reading the internet as usual. And while this behavior is normal, what is not normal is for her to purr and make biscuits to indicate a lack of kibble in her bowl. The normal m/o for this is to sit on my lap and then mouth my arm or my hand, whichever is closest. Today she merely sat in the floor looking pathetic, and when she got tired of that she came up and started being sweet on me. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s because I’ve been home all afternoon…but the little beast was pinning me with her claws so I did what all fur parents do and picked her up under her from arms and lifted her up. Kitty face directed downwards towards my own.

That’s when it happened.

Lucy drooled on my face. And I am glad I had my mouth closed. O.O

Kibble replenished; no more love from Lucy.

Where Lucy Sleeps

Last night, le Cat decided to sleep in such an awkward position we thought she was having a seizure. She was laying on her right side with her chin turned up so that the top of her head was level on the notebook and shoe box she was sleeping on. Turned out she was just dreaming.

  • Tail twitch – Check
  • Whisker twitch – Check
  • Paw twitch – Check
  • Mouth movements like she was eating something – Check
  • Eyes half open with inner eyelids half closed which made us think she was having an issue but in reality was just being a tweaker in her sleep – Check

She wasn’t responding to our calls. Jonathan shifted the pillow behind her to make sure she was ok. She woke up….and glared at us for the next 10-ish minutes.

Cat Behavior on Fresh Air

The Two Day Crisis

Lucy hasn’t been eating regularly since we gave her a flea bath a few weeks ago. At fist I thought it was because she was upset at us, for obvious reasons. In addition to the flea bath, I have been moving furniture, sweeping and vacuuming her favorite hang outs, and otherwise disturbing the peace. Jonathan even tried putting a few pieces of spam in her bowl with her kibble to get her to sniff around and eat something. Since I did the major flea cleanout, she hasn’t been eating at all. Last night she was pittifully looking down at her – full of kibble since Monday morning – bowl from the back of the couch. Turns out, her sniffer is offended by something where her food and water bowl usually hang out. We moved it across the room and she immediately did a nose dive into the kibble. We’re assuming it’s the flea killer spray, which has also been sprayed where her food and water are currently placed, which is also why she’s a dainty little picky snuggly brat.

This morning there was the tell tale ring of kibble in her bowl. Face planting into the middle of her food happened last night.

Hello, My name is Lucy…

I know mom is taking a picture of me.

I know mom is taking a picture of me.

Lucy-cat is a small cat. A small, fluffy, snuggly cat. A cat of all cats and a cat for all cats. She is a purrbaby, a furbaby, and like all cats she is a butthole.