Last night, le Cat decided to sleep in such an awkward position we thought she was having a seizure. She was laying on her right side with her chin turned up so that the top of her head was level on the notebook and shoe box she was sleeping on. Turned out she was just dreaming.

  • Tail twitch – Check
  • Whisker twitch – Check
  • Paw twitch – Check
  • Mouth movements like she was eating something – Check
  • Eyes half open with inner eyelids half closed which made us think she was having an issue but in reality was just being a tweaker in her sleep – Check

She wasn’t responding to our calls. Jonathan shifted the pillow behind her to make sure she was ok. She woke up….and glared at us for the next 10-ish minutes.

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Lucy hasn’t been eating regularly since we gave her a flea bath a few weeks ago. At fist I thought it was because she was upset at us, for obvious reasons. In addition to the flea bath, I have been moving furniture, sweeping and vacuuming her favorite hang outs, and otherwise disturbing the peace. Jonathan even tried putting a few pieces of spam in her bowl with her kibble to get her to sniff around and eat something. Since I did the major flea cleanout, she hasn’t been eating at all. Last night she was pittifully looking down at her – full of kibble since Monday morning – bowl from the back of the couch. Turns out, her sniffer is offended by something where her food and water bowl usually hang out. We moved it across the room and she immediately did a nose dive into the kibble. We’re assuming it’s the flea killer spray, which has also been sprayed where her food and water are currently placed, which is also why she’s a dainty little picky snuggly brat.

This morning there was the tell tale ring of kibble in her bowl. Face planting into the middle of her food happened last night.

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