Project Roundup

Current WIPs —

Gehry Wrap: 50% done

Frosty Acorn: 85% done

RCYC MCAL – 65% done

Polwarth/Silk Spinning: 30% done

Crosspatch Spinning 50% done

Burton Vestigan: 50% done, need to get more yarn

Mayu – 85% done, need to finish sleeves

Jonathan sweater attempt #4: Just started

Playground shawl: A grudgingly 10% done, might frog this. The material is too good for a basic shawl! XD

Stuff That I Want to Make over the next 6 months —

Basic Brioche Beanie – Learn brioche!

Best Friend Shawl – Have the materials, need to do it

Lady Olivia – Need new hand warmers for this fall

Lingon – Use my handspun

Regina – ‘cuz more hats

Allergic Reactions 1-1

Ever since I was a small child I’ve wanted to wear earrings. Little bits of sparkle always caught my eye. My grandmother wore these really gorgeous gaudy large earrings…well large jewelry anyways, and my mother has a collection herself that she now never wears.

Unfortunately, by the time I was old enough to make that decision of self-mutilation for the sake of beauty….lets stop here for a moment. Yes, piercing your ears is a body modification. This isn’t a natural part of the human body, but is a natural part of the human condition.

So anyways, I got my ears pierced at the local Claire’s at the mall. Problem #1. Problem #2 is that they were not done correctly. My piercings are not centered and are not horizontal. This has caused me no end of trouble finding earrings with back posts or back loops long enough for normal wear. Commonly, most if not all end up appearing lopsided.  I had and have no interest in re-piercing or expanding into gauge territory, so lets not even go there as possible solutions. The only recourse I had was to either not wear anything, or wear the smallest earrings possible.

Problem #3 is where things get incredibly depressing. I’m allergic to nickel. Surgical steel can be as hypo-allergenic as it wants to be, but alas it does not work with my allergy. A positive result is that I can wear 18k or better gold earrings, silver, and platinum…but that gets rather expensive…so maybe it’s not a positive thing after all.

And now we get to the point of this little tirade: Nail Polish Top Coat

That’s right! In particular the Seche Vite dry fast top coat. Not only is this a wonderful product for finishing off a manicure, but it is what is saving me from tossing all my jewelry out a window. I first got the idea to coat my posts with this from a youtube diy video. There are a lot out there, but unfortunately I can’t find the exact one that I saw that uses the Seche Vite. But, needless to say: it works!

I bought some cute little post earrings from VincaUSA. They’re a company based out of Austin, Texas and all products are made in the USA. Now, they do use surgical steel grade posts, which I knew were going to cause my ear lobs to turn red and puff up a little bit. So after trying them on and confirming that in fact I am allergic to these I went ahead and applied my Seche Vite.


Results? YAAS!

These super cute earrings take care of Problem #2, lopsidedness because they’re different shapes for each ear! These are so stinking cute that I just had to have them. The tea pot is slightly big for my ears, but tipping it sideways as if to pour tea out of it seems to work well.

And Problem #3 is pretty much non-existant! The nail polish is doing its job as a buffering layer between my skin and the metal post. I’m super excited about this!

I did have some worries about the polish being in my ear, but after over an hour of wear I feel nothing. And after taking them out, there’s no residual or weirdness about my ears at all! Worried about it flaking off? Not really. I just have to remember not to push the backing all the way down the post when I’m not wearing them. =D

Now this won’t really do anything about the dangly type earrings I already own. But at least it’s a first step towards being able to wear all the cute unique post earrings!!



Black Sheep Gathering 2016

Playground Shawl KAL: Cast-On

Back from vacation and back into knitting! Not that the knitting ever left me to begin with. ^.^

As you may not know, @caterpillargreen did a shop update a few weeks before I went on vacation. I ordered right away because her self-striping yarn is super popular! I got two skeins of the Shawl Stripes in Concrete Remix. One for me and one for @norichanknits. The idea here being that we were going to make the Playground Shawl as a part of our June knit-a-long in our own little Ravelry group. Coincidentally, a few days before my return @caterpillargreen announced a Playground Shawl KAL of her own! Of course I’ll just have to join in!

The base: MCN Fingering

The type: Shawl Stripe

The color:  Concrete Remix

The KAL itself begin yesterday the 15th and will run through the end of July. This leaves plenty of time for me to finish up some quick projects, two sweaters and a wrap, and still be able to finish the shawl in time. The shawl itself is a basic construction of garter and lace sections. Interestingly enough the garter section is done with a ssk along one edge which elongates the edge loop to simulate a top center triangle shape whereas this is knit from bottom right corner. I actually really like this and am pleased that the pattern includes a different construction technique. I have not gotten far into the first section of lace, but I have successfully set up for the first color transition.

The pattern notes give a suggestion to continue the last garter RS row as normal and then purl back the next row, maintaining increases as normal garter WS row. This will make sure that there are no colored purl bumps on the RS of the final piece. From there, continue with the lace pattern until the colored section of yarn switches back to gray.

At this point I may put down a life line to see if I like starting garter in the middle of a row (if it happens), or if I will continue with the lace, or if I will just flip the work and begin part way through a row in the opposite direction.

Cast on: check out my instagram photo! XD


Day 7 – Into Killarney and a Nightcap

Day 6 – Galway

Galway! I can say I put my feet in Galway Bay. Felt like home! Icy cold and refreshing.


Day 5 – The Cliffs of Moher and on to Galway

Day 4 – Doolin, Kinvara, Dunguire