Personal Upgrade

firstanniversaryThere’s nothing so good as being able to see with your own eyes. Nothing as good as being able to view the world crisp and clean and bright. Yesterday was that day for me. I finally retired my old glasses. They’d been my constant companion for about 5 years.

They came with me on some of my greatest adventures: Getting married, going to Costa Rica, Weird Al concert, excessive window/online shopping, etc. The trip to Costa Rica really did them in though. When I got back the lenses were truely done with life and the color on the frame was flaking off.


Out with the old and in with the new!

New Specks:

Brand – OGI     Model – 5506 in Brown/Mauve

Eyelashes do not touch the lenses…soooo happy happy happy!!!

After getting my glasses fitted by the awesome staff at Eyedentity, (Dr. Clouse also knits, whut whut!! =D) I wandered outside to snap a quick picture of this little beauty hanging out. Portland could use more Daleks.


At that point I decided it was a good idea to walk home (Better to walk than to get motion sickness on the bus). Since my prescription did change quite a bit everything was both stereoscopic and incredibly clear. Trees and shrubbery were coming at me from all sides and the sidewalk was coming up at me. About five blocks in my brain started to adjust.

I passed behind the Hawthorne Safeway to stay out of the sun. Good or bad, this guy was staring at me and followed me about 10 feet. It’s amazing all the extra stuff I notice now that I can see more. The glasses are at least 1 cm wider and the lenses are much taller as well. Not only was I noting this little fellow keeping an eye on me, but other people (Dudes, I’m taken. And yay peripheral vision!) passing by on the street.


So obviously…or maybe not so obviously, I went to get a boba.
MMm numnum! Honey Milktea with Strawberry jellies! One of my ultimate favorites!


Tl;dr – Walked 5 miles, got glasses, got a boba, saw a Dalek, creeped out by a crow and some dudes looking at me.

October also happens to be Noriko’s birthday month! YAY BIRTHDAYS!

She’s hosting a KAL on ravelry that will extend through October to November. Prizes include free patterns and a (yet to be decided) skein of yarn from Dragyn Knyts! Any pattern published on ravelry by NorichanKnits is 30% off with the code bdaykal and each completed project are eligible for 1 entry in the raffle. Better get crackin’ I’ve already started on my first entry! (Read more about it here).

The Bohemian Cowl (Knitted). Size: Large


Now I know what you’re going to say,

“Marilyn! Those waves! It’s feather and fan??? But you hate feather and fan!!!”


It’s not feather and fan, thank the yarn gods. It’s a k2tog and kfb stitch pattern. YAY! No YO’s that get lost and cause mayhem.

Yarns I’m using are coming from a few different places with a few different weights:

  • Quince &. Co. Finch (fingering)
  • Madeline Tosh (dk)
  • Knitted Wit (dk)…I think…

I have one more in my stash that is a heathery colored purple/blue, but I haven’t decided if I want to add it in just yet. Three colors should be good, especially since the madtosh is such a vibrant red color. Depending on which buttons I decide to use, or pin perhaps, I can foresee this getting a lot of wear already! =D

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