Rose City Yarn Crawl 2017

I always feel more comfortable with myself if I make expensive-ish things for myself instead of buying them from the store: wool sweaters and accessories mostly. A lot of where I shop doesn’t exactly scream haute couture anyways and it’s a hunt to find a good quality sweater that isn’t 100% acrylic, fashionable, and doesn’t cost $80.

Bring in the yarn. So I went to RCYC this year. Managed to hit up 3 stores with the helpful enabling of my friend @kathynancegirl. First up was a large purchase at Close Knit. I won’t disclose how much I spent, you can figure that out on your own…but lets just say that I bought $90’s worth of 1 sweaters amount of yarn.

But Marilyn! That’s more than the $80 you didn’t want to spend on that other pre-made sweater!!

Well yeah? $90 for a custom fitted sweater, in a color to die for, in any design my heart desires, made by me for me, no sweat-shop, bootleg, acrylicy mess here!!

It is so much more gratifying, and I take much better care of, the clothes I make instead of the clothes I buy. Hours and hours go into knitting a sweater, so you bet it’s going to be awesome! And you bet I’m going to use quality materials and support my local economy!

This year I came away with two sweater quantities, and another few random skeins to match what I already have at home. At this point I can say with confidence that I have 4 sweaters quantity worth of yarn grouped together in my stash. Full size sweater quantities are easy for me to purchase because I am lucky enough to be able to make the smallest adult size for most patterns.

Oddly enough though, with that darn biological clock ticking, I have been gravitating towards looser fitting patterns, crop tops, a-line shaping, and avoiding cables.

The other bit of my haul from the RCYC is some embroidery supplies from Bolt, which was next door to Close Knit, super dangerous corner of the world for me apparently. I did keep to getting necessities though: seam ripper, needles, thread, hoop and a thimble. I did splurge and get 1 fat quarter and tiny bit of purple velvet elastic, but with a specific use in mind.

Out of all my purchases over the weekend, I would have to say the procurement of two faux furr sew snap pompoms from Pearl Fiber Arts are the most outrageous. Mostly because of what they are and having never worked with such a notion before. They’re about the size of a standard meatball from Subway, poofy, cream colored with darkened tips of the strands for that authentic animal look and feel.

But not to worry, totally fake!  XD

Check out the images from my Instagram account in the sidebar for more details!

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