Seatle Jan-Feb Photo Dump: Cats, Food, Fun!

At the end of last month I took a short trip up to Seattle via Amtrak to visit my friends. We hit up two famous places: Churchmouse Yarns and Uwajimaya. Yes, there is an Uwajimaya here in Beaverton, but holy smokes this places was about twice as big in all respects: larger grocery, larger home goods area, larger Kinokuniya bookstore.

Here are the pics of the AB products I got at Uwajimaya. I’ve already detailed them in IMGUR so I’m not going to duplicate that content here. Enjoy!

Seattle: Jan-Feb 2017 AB Haul

I do think that my favorite of them all is the Pompompurin powder. I haven’t tried it yet, but would you just look at that puff!!! A pomeranian + flan = MEGA CUTENESS!!

And my other favorite purchase: HAWK-CHAN!


The rest of the trip


IMG_5990 IMG_5999 IMG_6039 IMG_6024IMG_6036 IMG_6001



Getting to Churchmouse:

IMG_6010 IMG_6014 IMG_6016 IMG_6018IMG_6019IMG_6020IMG_6022IMG_6023IMG_6028