Skipped and back

Sorry blog, I really need to get back on a regular posting schedule!

Looks like I skipped about two months or so of updates. My bad.

What’ve I been up to lately? Well I bought a bullet journal and some watercolor markers. This time around the journaling process is coming a little easier. I got the actual official bujo journal, in icelandic blue, and I got stencils. So…it’s slightly better?

I’m still doing the same weekly layout that I was doing with the moleskein last year. The -plan- is to stick with that. Basically what I’m doing is tracking how many cups of coffee per day, cups of water per day, what I eat that day, what time I wake up, what chores I did that day, etc. Keeping notes like this will hopefully keep me on track to drinking more water and waking up earlier in the morning. Also, remembering to do laundry…sucks when we’re out of clean towels.

Another bujo thing I’m doing in the supposed bujo way is to make lists. So far I have a dream log and a wants + needs list. I also counted out an approximation of how many pages I would need to do 1 month and 4 week spreads for 12 months, I forget what number that is, but at the end of that I have the last of the journal sectioned off just for sewing and knitting project notes. Unfortunately the last pages of the official journal are taken up by bujo -how to- instructions…so kind of a waste of pages. 🙁

Speaking of knitting, I have the body of Jonathan’s jumper done, repurposed the blue year from RCYC the year before last is now a cardigan for me (I just need to find buttons), and the yarn he brought me from Boston is well on it’s way to becoming another cardigan (this one is open so no need for buttons, but I’ll have to block the crap out of it cuz the arms ended up being too tight).

Other than that, I don’t have any huge knitting projects in the works, so I decided to try a design workshop. LOL. I -lol- because I never plan on selling any of my pattern projects/ideas. I know for a fact I will never technical edit or even expect someone else to knit one of my projects. So instead, they be free, forever, and ever and ever (mostly for my own convenience). In the workshop I plan on hammering out my first garment made with buxom worsted I got last year. It’s pink and gloriously squishy. I did a quick swatch with size 6 needles and one of the cable patterns from the Japanese Knitting Bible, it came out really well defined so this yarn is totally going to work as a fabulously cabled vest, at least that’s what I’m hoping to come out with. If not, then I want to make a stockinette front and laced backside tunic of some sort. I have a bunch of sport weight yarn I could do it with too.

So yeah, that’s been what has been taking up my weekends the past two months or so.

Now that we’re all caught up – onwards and upwards!!

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