So much to do, So little time

I have 620 projects in my ravelry queue.

Most of these projects I will probably never even attempt, but many of them are in the general range of intermediate/advanced area which keeps the project interesting enough, and complex enough, for me to want to finish them. I guess now though that may never happen due to student loans entering repayment. *Sigh*. I only have myself to blame, and I feel quite a bit frustrated and overwhelmed by the monthly payments.

I don’t think I will ever stop knitting. It’s the only tangible thing I’ve ever produced since all my work work is digital. The feeling of accomplishment from graduating college I thought would last longer than this too. Overall I guess I’m a bit forlorn.

So here’s a picture of Lucy glaring at me from this weekend because I wouldn’t let her snuggle on top of me. She really enjoys laying on these plastic bins.

Tub Glaring

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