Starting 2019 in February

Oh Hello WP 5…this is new…

I am now realizing that I left off the last blog post on a not so cheery note. Life is not always glitter, bubbles, and hot coffee. But that’s ok.

I’ve decided to start taking better inventory of my makeup and skincare products to help choose better ingredients and to make sure I take the time to review the product. Keeping a record like this to better analyze what I am doing in my self-care routine will also hopefully benefit others. I do have a pretty normal-ish skin type, so if something irritates me it is likely to irritate other skin types as well.

Getting back to regular blogging is another one of my new year goals. Blog at least twice a month. What topic? Who knows! This blog has never really been about 1 specific thing, though Lucy and knitting is a running theme. I’m hoping to branch out and really take a good look at where I am in life with each post.

On that note – 2019 goals
1. Blog post twice a month.
2. Knit 9 pairs of socks.
3. Take digital inventory and cross reference the ingredients of my makeup and skincare products.
4. Take the time to actually self-care, not just perpetual window shopping on the internet.

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