Sometimes I feel like she’s trying to tell me something. Something like “Stop taking pictures of me.” or “What. Is. That?!” If this cat could talk I’m not sure if she’d sound like a cranky toddler or just straight up sassy. Yet most definitely of all her non-verbal communication skills, the barks and bites would become one in the same. Oh Lucy, you little brown fluffy cat you. I love you.

Since it is nearly your 11th birthday I went ahead and started plans on getting her set up with some new spiffy stuff. First on the list is a new collar. Her mega-bling collar from Christmas last year seemed to be taking a bit more fur off her neck that I liked (she never once had a problem with sores or anything, just a lack of visible cat fur more than I liked).


And now she have this spiffy soft cotton collar that is also a breakaway and without a bell, which were strict requirements set by her dad. (But I sneaked in glitter…yep the collar has silver glitter stars muahahahaaha). Because she’s our princess kitty.

I first noticed that the collar needed to be changed asap when I saw some missing Rhine stones. Normal scratching of a back paw would surely have caused this because we let her needle points of doom grow freely…and they cause us no end of cautionary tales…especially when she’s riled up and killing her favorite toy!

The Rhine stone collar is also quite wide. I’d say it is over a centimeter wide which is pretty big for a cat. I was hoping to find another skinny leather collar, but the softness and the cutesy derpy pattern I could not pass up! The collar itself is handmade by Sophistipets in Oregon. I purchased it at my local Nature’s Pet which I frequent for a majority of cat related wants, not needs, haha.


Some other things on the list include:

  • New Dynamite Catnip stick
  • New Cat tree
  • New scratching post
  • Cat art commemorating her awesome profile and whiskers.



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So I’ve been debating on a dress for my thirtieth birthday. There I said it.

Turning 30 in about a month from now. And, I’m having difficulty deciding what this post should be focused on. (I’ve restarted it for a third time now.)

Lets take it by decades:

10. I turned 10 in 1996. I had a new baby sister. I had a life changing revelation that my career expectancy should be that of a housewife and that’s all I was ever going to be good at. Sex is bad because the tv said so.

20. I turned 20 in 2006. I had a boyfriend. I had a part-time job. College? Who said you were good enough for college?

30. I will turn 30. I have a husband (not my 20’s boyfriend, thank you very much). I have a full-time job. I have touched a live baby Leatherback sea turtle. (teeeeny!!! squeee!!!). I’ve played “adult hookie” by taking a detour from class and work to hit the Newport Bay Aquarium. (yep, adulting with husband-at-the-time-boyfriend). I have my bachelors degree. I have a cat that I torment with my love. I am a professional level knitter. I finally found someone that said unprovoked: “You’re one of my best friends”. (ok semi-provoked).

Being 20 was shi…interesting. Leading up to 30 has been freakin’ fantastic and there were some really close calls in there…*sigh*…

Getting to 40…what’s going to happen in the next 10 years…


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IMG_1881 This holiday season started off with a bang! We went to the Multnomah Whiskey Library for Jonathan’s birthday. Granted it was the day after, but it was still awesome. About 2/3 of the menu was ordered on top of our tasty drinks. Jonathan was a little disappointed because he wanted more, but the servers were noticeably unavailable after everyone’s second drink…

IMG_1888 Thanksgiving Day itself was much cheerier. Split up again between his and mine. We started off the festivities at his Aunt Tammy and Uncle Dan’s. Here’s a photo of my mother-in-law Cindy snuggly with Sam, the old blue ribbon champion. Creamsicle twins for the win!

After dinner we headed to my parent’s, but my brother had arrived early so they had eaten already. That didn’t stop me from raiding the fridge and getting in some salmon sashimi, while eating home made pumpkin pie, rice, mashed potatoes with gravy, and roasted brussle sprouts.



Also, it’s not really a family party until Aunt Tammy’s feral cats make an appearance!

My sleepy Luce-Juice was thoroughly unimpressed by Thanksgiving abandonment.

Sleepy Lucy


Friday I came into the office to hold down the fort. Afterwards I headed off to Pearl Fiber Arts where Thoroughy Thwacked was having a pop-up shop trunk show. I couldn’t resist! Even though I don’t spin I ended up with a braid of fiber in addition to some super awesome yarnses!!

The Abyss below I’m saving for the MKAL at the end of January. Excited! I hear tell that it’s not strictly going to be a shawl this year. I’m curious and a little apprehensive at the same time. Either way it’s going to look fantastic and be super warm and soft thanks to this yarn!


Mom has been cooing over my Paulette shawl the last two times I visited and she finally asked me for one. She wanted yellow, but as you can see that yellow is NEON yellow. Not a bad color, but the Paulette shawl is a two tonned project and mom insisted on a single color. I sent her the best true to color photo I could take and she decided on the orange. Just as bright as the yellow, but much less of a neon burn. hehe…


 But look at those colors! It would be super awesome in the orange and the yellow together…le sigh…

Here’s my holiday knitting to do list:

Cindy: Hat (completed)

Mom: Leg warmers (started)

Dad: Blanket (started)…ya really I’m making him a lap blanket. I’m already more than 1/3 of the way through. Not stopping now!

aaand surprisingly that’s it for holiday knitting that I need to get done before Christmas. =)

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A cheese and wine festival that is!


So many tasty treats! So many cute fluffy dogs! So much wine to taste! This is the first year we’ve gone and it was super packed! With the addition of a $5 credit and a free wine glass with entry fee of $25 (for cheese and wine) what’s not to love? I got Cypress Grove Humbolt Fog and Truffle Tremmor, which were only $5 each. So I used both our credits and didn’t have to shell out any cash.

Afterwards I headed over to my friend Alanna’s for a game night/birthday party. We played Exploding Kittens, Camel Up, Blank Cards (? I think that’s what it’s called), and Concept. The only game I’d played before is, of course, Exploding Kittens. Out of all the games I’d have to say Camel Up was the top dog for the night.

But the one thing that had me at hello was this washer/dryer combo:


Just look at this beauty! It’s a clothing washer…and then dryer!!!!! No switching loads, no dropping socks on the floor, all packaged in a chromed up spaceship pod looking thing! And side loading!!! omg….I bad…WAAANT…!!!!!

Le sigh…

And here’s my progress for Noriko’s Birthday KAL.


And she has also posted the prize skein of yarn on the forum! Super cute! So far I think I’m in the lead for the raffle since no one else has started yet. Granted we have until the end of November…I could probably pump out 2-3 of these guys for Christmas presents this year and win that skein…muahahah….

Yeah…whatever mom…


Have faith in my knitability, Luce-Purr!!! =/



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