Tag: Brat

1 Paw, 2 Paw, Snugg Paw, Sleepy Paw

Lucy has a talent of presenting her paws when cozied up for snuggles in bed. One paw out means she’s pretty relaxed and doesn’t mind a bit of jostling that occurs when we join her.¬†Two paws out means she’s pretty much ready for sleep if not already asleep. Warm enough that she isn’t balled up… Read more »

Plastic Kitteh Chews

Lucy likes to chew on plastic. Lucy likes to chew on plastic at 5am. Lucy likes to run away from me at 5am for chewing on plastic. Lucy likes to chew on plastic in the living room after I’ve settled back into bed. Lucy gets sprayed with water at 5am. Derp.

The Two Day Crisis

Lucy hasn’t been eating regularly since we gave her a flea bath a few weeks ago. At fist I thought it was because she was upset at us, for obvious reasons. In addition to the flea bath, I have been moving furniture, sweeping and vacuuming her favorite hang outs, and otherwise disturbing the peace. Jonathan… Read more »