cat life

I always want my kitty around.

She makes me laugh and smile.

I always want my kitty around to cuddle.

Even when it results in the vile.

Yup, the Lucy-furr has started biting aggressively again on a regular basis. It may indeed be entirely my fault though. I started feeding her wet food semi-regularly and now she demands it every meal. Nope, kitty. Not going to do it. Continue reading Wet Cat Food: You’re Going to Have a Bad Time

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Sometimes I feel like she’s trying to tell me something. Something like “Stop taking pictures of me.” or “What. Is. That?!” If this cat could talk I’m not sure if she’d sound like a cranky toddler or just straight up sassy. Yet most definitely of all her non-verbal communication skills, the barks and bites would become one in the same. Oh Lucy, you little brown fluffy cat you. I love you.

Since it is nearly your 11th birthday I went ahead and started plans on getting her set up with some new spiffy stuff. First on the list is a new collar. Her mega-bling collar from Christmas last year seemed to be taking a bit more fur off her neck that I liked (she never once had a problem with sores or anything, just a lack of visible cat fur more than I liked).


And now she have this spiffy soft cotton collar that is also a breakaway and without a bell, which were strict requirements set by her dad. (But I sneaked in glitter…yep the collar has silver glitter stars muahahahaaha). Because she’s our princess kitty.

I first noticed that the collar needed to be changed asap when I saw some missing Rhine stones. Normal scratching of a back paw would surely have caused this because we let her needle points of doom grow freely…and they cause us no end of cautionary tales…especially when she’s riled up and killing her favorite toy!

The Rhine stone collar is also quite wide. I’d say it is over a centimeter wide which is pretty big for a cat. I was hoping to find another skinny leather collar, but the softness and the cutesy derpy pattern I could not pass up! The collar itself is handmade by Sophistipets in Oregon. I purchased it at my local Nature’s Pet which I frequent for a majority of cat related wants, not needs, haha.


Some other things on the list include:

  • New Dynamite Catnip stick
  • New Cat tree
  • New scratching post
  • Cat art commemorating her awesome profile and whiskers.



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