This cat won’t stop barking at me! I didn’t even do anything.

Kibble? Check

Water? Check

Toys? Check

Warm Spot? Check

Pats on the head? Check


She wants Jonathan.

Jonathan comes home. A…nd she ignores the both of us.


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IMG_1387 Sometimes I wonder what the Juice is thinking.

She’s a small kitty, with big emotions. I’m pretty sure she’s always contemplating escape routes, but then just decides to take a nap instead.

Her little boopable nose is just unbearable sometimes and I have to bother her. It’s only fair. She bothers me every chance I get to sit on the couch by sitting on me, and invariably my knitting. Stabby McClaws is too precious to turn away. Or is that my own fault for not having boundaries with the cat? Nah…

“Pffft,” I say to those human rules we try to impose on house bound animals!

I wonder if Jonathan will let me dress her up for Halloween this year.

I could easily whip up a little pirate vest, or a kitty sized wig, or a cape! Nananananananana Bat-Cat!!

Sometimes I can hear her thinking, “Why are you doing that?”, “I want to kill that”, “OMGOMG I JUST POOPED”, “Stop looking at me.”, “Why aren’t you petting me?”, “Yeah…I’m not moving”, “Where’s Jonathan?”, etc.

I get the “Where’s Jonathan?” a lot in body language and meowing communication.


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One of Lucy’s favorite things to do is to keep tabs on us. The easiest way is to be between us and or within view of us. Two Christmas’s ago Jonathan bought a cardboard castle for the kitty-poops. It fit directly between our computer stations so she could laze, scratch, and be within paw reach. Being a bush dweller, she enjoyed the relative same span off of the ground as she does with the plastic bins.

Getting rid of the card board castle was difficult for all of us. She loved it! We saved her scratching boards, but it’s just not the same without it.

Recently we have piled a sweater and shoes in the place where it used to be…and she sits there, guarding Jonathan’s shoes and meowing for pettings.





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IMG_0833 - Copy

Lucy likes to chew on plastic.

Lucy likes to chew on plastic at 5am.

Lucy likes to run away from me at 5am for chewing on plastic.

Lucy likes to chew on plastic in the living room after I’ve settled back into bed.

Lucy gets sprayed with water at 5am.


IMG_0837 - Copy

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Married: 1 month down? Not exactly. Closer to 3 weeks.

How is Lucy taking it?

She’s peeved at the mountains of gift boxes, she’s peeved that I didn’t give her any chicken. Upside? I found her dynamite catnip toy. Up-Up side (which is also an ‘eww’ side) she has sufficiently drooled all over it. In reality being married to her original human has not changed the dynamic between us. She still purrs and scratches and eats and sleeps and poops and meows and chirps and barks and all the other cat habits. It’s nice to know that in the animal kingdom our awkward human rituals mean absolutely nothing to them. My relationship with Jonathan has, if anything, gotten better since we were married. Yeah it’s only been 3 weeks, but marriage really does change people. What one does not what to do is change expectations. Expectations is where it is most likely to fall apart…like expecting Jonathan to be excited for me to officially adopt Lucy as my own fur-daughter…chyea right…Wut-ever, I do what I want.

Adoption Certificate



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