One down, two to go!

Christmas is just around the corner and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been a long time since I was truely excited to give gifts. Mostly because this year I feel like I can afford to give some well thought and meaningful items.

But anyways, onto some selfish stuff:

I did manage to get wrangled into going to Jonathan’s company holiday party. Partly due to the purchase of this little beauty:



Aww yeah, gigantic teddy sweater! It was remarkably soft and cozy despite obviously being used. May have found the best vintage store in Portland too.  A little secret spot in Hollywood called Babylon Vintage. Products are good and the prices are even better! I’m not super sure about the contents as the tag was gone, but I’m guessing there’s a bit of wool in addition to acrylic. I’m hoping to figure out a way to tailor it though. It’s a XL with odd wing shaping on the sleeves. But otherwise, super awesome teddy sweater!!

Around the block we happen upon a bazaar at the local church. At one of the booths was hand made, hard wood, Christmas ornaments!


IMG_1934 The maker, Vincent and his partner, don’t have a facebook page or etsy shop set up yet, so I’ve linked his facebook profile in-which he accepts messages for orders. He’s been busy shipping out and making new items. Check him out!


IMG_1956 IMG_1949

I’ve also come to the point of obsession over this app: Neko Atsume


Play things

Fish currency

It’s basically a super easy, non-sadface version of a Tamogatchi =)


Christmas for myself came a smidge early. A long the lines of learning new things I’ve picked up a drop spindle from KundertSpindles. These are also hand made and super light! I’ve already broken into my merino/bamboo from Thoroughly Thwacked. And picked up some undyed BFL at my LYS and Masham dyed by DragynKnits. Excited! Need to get the almost 1.5oz I’ve already spun up safely off my spindle though so I can try these other fibers.

Not bad for a newbie

Not bad for a newbie

Seems to be working so far. Only dropped it twice...hehe

Seems to be working so far. Only dropped it twice…hehe

For a little while there I was really confused about the importance of the weight of the spindle. Heavier spindle = thicker yarns? Yup. The weight of the spindle gives the whorl more mass in which to stay in motion. More force is needed to keep the spindle twisting the fibers. If there are more fibers, you need more force and so more weight. So anyways. I apparently bought a super duper light spindle, despite it’s size. Hopefully as I get better this means I can do both thick and thin threads!

But do you see those colors?!!!?!?!?!?!!

le sigh…


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…because I already started. XD


– Wish I had it right now. This marks the things I want the most. Generally something that I can use at the moment. Or you know, just ‘cuz.

A – Always on my mind. These are things I constantly think about. Do it need it? Do I really need it? Could I use it right now? Could I make up an excuse to use it right now?

N – Need this, now! It’s so cool, dude. I totes want this in my house or on my person!!

T – Too many cats for this, but it’s still beautiful. Leaps and bounds, or maybe $5, out of my price range. It’s nice to look at, but I know I’ll never use/wear it. *le sigh*

I’m generally really bad at asking for things, especially where it comes to expensive items. And expensive to me is like…$35. So this year I’m getting a jump on things to make my Christmas List which doubles as a checklist for myself of things I can possibly afford…in the future? If I save up for it.

The acronym doesn’t really dictate price ranges or accessibility except for those things labeled T. T is for the things that are way over priced that I think are cool, but don’t actually want….but kind of want…so the least needy. W. A. &  N. are all fair game and rank between W – really super want and could buy for myself in the nearfuture, A – really really want, and N – this would be so awesome.

With so many window-shopping experiences online it’s difficult to keep track of things on the various eCommerce sites I visit. This way I can keep a list in one place to reference when necessary.

If I really actually wanted something, I will really actually add it to the list. The effort makes it real.


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We have submitted to Comcast…

The good side of this is that I got some pretty damn cute pictures of Lucy-purr being trapped in the bedroom.




With ourselves strapped to the back of the Comcast turtle, even Lucy will have to make some sacrifices starting with her waistline. She didn’t get any Christmas presents, so we went and bought her some new kitty treats and new food. The new food is meant for weight control of indoor elderly kitties. Yes, Lucy is an elderly kitty. Strictly we will be feeding her 1/4 cup in the morning and 1/4 cup at night by actually measuring, not eyeballing. I also put her food in a smaller bowl so she could reach all the pieces of kibble with her little snout. Heaven forbid she use her tongue to get the kibble in the corners of a bowl.

We also got her another flea collar. I’m not sure how they got back onto her, but she’s got a hot patch again! Smaller this time, but still. My poor fuzzy. =(

Flea collar, treats, new and better for her food. Long Live the Little Devil….eeen!! Queen! Really, she’s a cat.

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